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#1 2014-09-17 04:14:39

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Case Closed (Maps. Stories, Robberies coming)

I still haven't honored the life of Mr. Michael Earl Case.

As a start I post the final, lethal and original map.
This is the map, which was still not fully repaired, because I wanted to make that final update for weeks, but never found the motivation to invest that much time. You can see both old vault locations on the top- and bottom-left. The current vault location was just built as a decoy route. Which successfully worked against a brute-force attack once.

And this was my idea of a final map for Mr. Case. After his wife was gone, only progressively he could let go of her chambers. I really like the design, because the chiwa in front of the safe prevents someone sawing through.

I was kind of in a hurry, because I had to change the design, because AMWhy had spotted my vault. But after non-lethal-testing, I found an error with the closed door and changed it without testing again. Before there was a chiwa on your step, which prevents the dog to step above you, so he would fall into the pit beside you. I really would have liked to see the final security in practice, but I grew tired of the place a long time ago. So, it wasn't too painful to let go.

At last I give you my original map before it was cracked for the first time and my family murdered by Blip.

I will post a little summary how the house evolved and the story of his downfalls, as well as his robberies (because I did a lot of brute forcing big houses with Case). Sadly his bounty is unknown, because he died at home.


#2 2014-09-17 10:28:22

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Re: Case Closed (Maps. Stories, Robberies coming)

Died at home...yeah, an old man with a huge safe full of cash, enough paintings to rival the V&A and a legend to last years!

I'm interested to hear this ones story.


#3 2014-09-17 17:38:53

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Re: Case Closed (Maps. Stories, Robberies coming)

I think the entrance to this house was fantastic.  Solving it gave me a genuine buzz.  You should offer the house to Cullman for his game: it's definitely worthy as an expert difficulty house!


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