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#1 2015-08-17 16:03:01

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Call for exciting TCD footage

Hey all,

The Terminal Heist team is in the process of putting together a trailer for Steam Greenlight page to get Terminal Heist rolling.  As I have described in many other threads, TH is a less violent, harder to cheat at, space themed (new tile set) TCD that also runs on mobile (iOS and Android).  Other than that, the game mechanics will be identical to TCD.  I am calling for people's greatest and most dramatic TCD moments.  I will take them in any format I can get, however, what would be most helpful to me is in the recordedGames format that is recorded in your Castle Doctrine folder.  That way I can drop that file back into the playback folder of TH and instantly convert your footage into the TH theme. 

Thanks for your help!  If your footage gets used in our trailer (and is in the recorded games format), I will paypal you $150 per clip (not per person).  Frankly, I don't care even if you generate this footage for the purposes of getting the $150 (again it has to be in the recorded games format to get the $150).  I will probably use anywhere from 4-10 clips in the trailer.  Best way is to send me an email describing the footage, if you have a movie of the corresponding recorded games file even better and it will increase your chances of the footage being used.




#2 2015-08-17 23:44:38

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Re: Call for exciting TCD footage

Sad that I uninstalled the game after all the robberies of eppfel. Think I might have to save up some money and go and rob Henson, however not sure how exciting it would be ☺


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