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#1 2014-02-25 12:36:54

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How to report bugs

If it's not reported, I don't know about it and have no way to reproduce it.  If I can't reproduce it, I can't fix it!

This game has been played by over 14,000 people and gone though over 30 revisions.  There are almost no bugs left in it.  But, the few bugs that remain are VERY rare and very tricky to find.  You know, maybe they happen once every few days to one out of a thousand players.  Sadly, bugs in a game like this can often lead to death and significant loss of time and resources.

When it happens to you, you won the lottery and hold the only key in the world to fixing the rare thing that happened to you.

So, PLEASE report any and all bugs that you encounter.

You should NEVER die in this game when it's not your fault.  House check-in failed is always a bug (unless you timed out for some reason).  Server errors are always a bug.

Okay, so How To Report:

1) Quit the game immediately after you experience a bug.

2) Find the latest recordedGame file.

3) [For crashes and non-server-related bugs] Copy it into playbackGame and run the game to watch your recording.  Is the bug reproduced by the recording?

4) Send the recordedGame file to me, along with a brief message explaining what happened:

If you're on Steam, you can find your game folder by following these instructions:

It varies by platform, but you need to find your SteamApps/common/CastleDoctrine folder.

On Windows, it's:

Program Files/Steam/SteamApps

On Mac, it's in your home folder under:

Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/

One Linux, look in your home folder under .steam (a hidden folder).


#2 2016-06-29 06:58:59

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Re: How to report bugs


Jason gave up on this game and hasn't replied to any threads in year. Bug? Oh wait..


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