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#76 2019-02-18 05:39:29

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Re: New "cheatproof" test server

Very good patch big_smile

What does the 'UpKeep $-***' part of the 'backpak' menu mean?


#77 2019-02-18 14:50:29

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Re: New "cheatproof" test server

The "upkeep" or "reserve" is an amount of money you have to keep in your
house. You can't spend it, but robbers can steal it.

As you spend more on your house, the upkeep increases. I recently changed the
details of how upkeep is calculated. Now, it starts at $200 for a new house,
and then every time you spend money (real money, not the fake initial $2000)
on house objects, half of the cost isn't actually spent but goes to increasing
the upkeep instead.

One intended effect is that if you have an expensive house and get fully
robbed, you'll be so far from being able to pay the upkeep from competition
winnings that you might as well just start over - which means your house gets
added to the pool of competition maps.


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