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#26 2013-08-30 23:58:48

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Re: On the Wife and Kids Mechanic (Dynamical Meaning)

Hmm, I don't know if the whole "shot by your own wife" works thematically - if you were doing a test run you would let her know and she would not shoot you.

Also, looking at Jason's example using the cat as the gun:
Ignoring the fact that this would fail a self test, it is hardly impenetrable. A robber would simply enter, see the wife, leave, then come back with their own gun and shoot the wife before she has a chance to move. Then the player has no wife and put her on the line for no benefit. Wives could only become invincible after their first step, which gives the robber time to shoot them.

With the way targeting works at the moment this could easily be fixed to seemingly good wife defence:
Here the wife the wife will be untargatable when she is seen and so cannot be shot before she becomes invincible.

But... you can still work around this with an explosive:

Something like this could be more interesting though:, where if you enter without tools and try to escape after the wife and dog see you, the wife will shoot you on the way out. One problem is that she will be visible through the wall before she comes in site, but you I'm sure you could set it up better so this wasn't an issue (it is hard to experiment with targeting as you cannot bring tools along on test runs...).

This could possibly be too powerful? It would certainly make you scared to look around a corner.


#27 2013-08-31 03:28:49

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Re: On the Wife and Kids Mechanic (Dynamical Meaning)

When you do the self test you don your robber garb so your pets and family react accordingly.


#28 2013-08-31 05:18:58

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Re: On the Wife and Kids Mechanic (Dynamical Meaning)

For a good reference point, maybe look to the 1998 made for TV film Safe House.

IIRC, in one scene he is riding with his daughter and he discovers a bomb underneath his car seat and the daughter is like OMFG, but surprise.... he put it there himself as a "drill."

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#29 2013-09-09 13:46:17

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Re: On the Wife and Kids Mechanic (Dynamical Meaning)

Yep, fine for the wife to shoot you by mistake when you're coming through the house in the dark dressed in robber clothes.

In fact, that happens sometimes in real life, which is why having a gun at home is risky (more chance of being shot with it yourself than you shooting an intruder, etc., or however that argument goes)


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