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#1 2014-02-06 04:13:03

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[Suggestion] Monthly rankings

I am okay with the game not having an "end" but I think it should have some sort of reward for top players, so i thought it could have a monthly (or weekly, or ...dayly or whatever) sort of rank, maybe the 1st house at the end or the 10 tops houses and since almost everyone have a account on this forum or on steam the reward could be a badge on the forums. Maybe it's too meta but since the actual name of the player is purposely hidden i don't see a problem on that. What do you think?


#2 2014-02-06 09:58:31

From: england
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Re: [Suggestion] Monthly rankings

a weekly/monthly updated MOST WANTED kind of page would be fun.

perhaps with fun statistics, such as;

number of pets harmed last month

number of murders

number of 'accidents' (self-test oopsies)

sales charts for items

sales charts for house tiles



#3 2014-02-07 02:12:50

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Re: [Suggestion] Monthly rankings

This would definitely be fun xD


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