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The Castle Doctrine
a massively-multiplayer game of burglary and home defense by Jason Rohrer

"A powerful, memorable game." --Alec Meer, RPS [1] [2]

It's 1991, and things are bad. You're a guy with a wife, two kids, and a house....

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No middle-person


Open Source
  • Lifetime server account
  • All future updates
  • Free Steam key
  • Full source code
  • Tech support included
Available now for $4

What you get
Immediately after your payment is processed, you will receive an email with an access link. You will then be able to download all of the following DRM-free distributions:
  • Windows build
  • MacOS build (10.5 and later Intel)
  • GNU/Linux build (compiled on 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04)
  • Full source code bundle (compile it yourself)
The price also includes downloads of all future updates, a free Steam key, and a lifetime account on the main game server that I am running.

The source bundle includes the server software, allowing you to set up and run your own server (a web server with PHP/MySQL is required).

You can take a look at the system requirements.

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