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#1 Re: Main Forum » Android!? » 2013-08-23 09:24:23

jere wrote:

Please no.

That would absolutely ruin me.

+1 (and I confess that I am secretly expecting to ruin myself...)

#2 Re: News » On Self Defense » 2013-08-09 05:38:01

Thank you Jason for sharing this thrilling story.

I want to share one quick point of view from my side, in France: we have a pretty recent (1999) law for "dangerous" dogs which implies you need a permit to own such a dog (it includes pitbull but many others). It constraints the owner to avoid most public spaces, or keep a muzzle and a leash if going there. The city mayor or our equivalent your sheriff may be requested to use euthanasia if constraints are proved to be unrespected.

Additional statistics:  in France since 30 years, 42 killeds by dogs. Compared to overall population, I calculated the chance of being a victim of a fatal attack is four times lower compared to USA.  And our local winning serial killer is, by far, the german shepherd.

I personnaly own a cat. Much less trouble...

#4 Re: Main Forum » the castle doctrine hotkeys~ » 2013-07-12 03:52:13

jasonrohrer wrote:

However, I've been avoiding it because I'm concerned about the UI for it.  I wouldn't want to add more numerical overlays to those backpack slot (cluttered).

I suggest no graphical modification of the UI -- only a highlighting text that would appear when you move the mouse cursor over the slots. And of course easily redefineable (a key.cfg text file somewhere not too far...).

#5 Re: Main Forum » the castle doctrine hotkeys~ » 2013-07-10 09:17:17

I would definitely love that feature built inside TCD. I'm playing on Mac, your solution is not working for me ...
I guess we can expect it later, for the polish time !?

#7 Re: Main Forum » The Place to Post Your Break-ins » 2013-07-02 03:15:37

Ironically, this place is more and more becoming a Taber-nacle !

#8 Main Forum » One suggestion for our lovely kitties » 2013-07-02 03:11:24

Replies: 11

Dear all alpha players,
And dear Developer,

I really enjoy this game and more generally the Jason's works. I'm on TDC since v8, I've read many posts here, and I also drafted many castles onto my office with carbon-made white papers and pencils smile

I had a dream a few nights ago (!) where I used to live in my own CastleDoctrinized home, I need to share a few thoughts with you. In other words, I'm writing here for mental sanity reasons. Well, and I confess, also for fun smile

Well the point is regarding the binary solving kitties dance.  I did my Engineering studies with electrical options so it's not difficult to create such puzzle based on XOR/NAND doors.  And because we do not have any possibility to obtain even a partial blueprint... Life for robbers who love challenges is not more fun.

For example, ath the present time, we have this Mister Taber and Mister Smith where we need to dance, sometimes on a trapfloor... Very disco, at a first glance, but in some way very annoying because it's no more a game: only a guess & try system without any intelligence.

And we all know who are the master of the world at this step : the cats.

Well I am just wondering : why not introduce an action or an object that could allow to invert for one turn the movement of the cats ? If an action, it could be a (randomly generated sound...) "whistling" box. If an object, a  small bird call ? Or simply some not-drugged cat food.

With such a tool, I hope an intelligent robber can hack a complex system without dying stupidly.

It's only an idea. The drawback I saw is that if the cats are all moving together, it may also cause some unwanted issues - like a change the dog position trick introduced in the last version.

Waiting for your feedbacks smile

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