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#1 Re: Main Forum » Website for my new game » 2014-09-01 11:50:32

voxel wrote:
jasonrohrer wrote:

you have to deposit money into the game in order to play against someone (you enter your CC directly into the game interface, securely).

It think that will definitely scare people off (I can't name any other games that do that); is there a big enough advantage (convenience?) over depositing through a webpage to justify it?

It did scare me off already!

#2 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-06-11 08:42:32

Every house in the neighborhood has been wiped out and it's like no one even noticed it yet.

#3 Main Forum » My old TCD house » 2014-05-20 02:07:13

Replies: 1

This is the biggest, most complex and expensive house that I have built while playing TCD. In my different attempts to get this one design right I have died about 8 times due to self testing, robberies against me and botched robberies against my enemies (not counting all the botched robberies while I was trying to get some starting cash). This is it's final form:


I used it in Fortress Theory and Iceman solved it, so guess I ain't reusing this one anymore.

Feedback please.

#5 Re: Main Forum » [Fortress Theory] Ichabod Edward Mann - Church of the Silence » 2014-05-08 23:33:58

iceman wrote:
42dustman wrote:

Not in a rush I see. hehehe


Eppfel didn't built a house yet.

#7 Main Forum » Messages to posterity » 2014-05-06 01:30:47

Replies: 2

Will those ever get posted somewhere or something? I'm curious about what other people write in them.

#9 Re: Main Forum » Living a lie. » 2014-05-02 21:12:42

Every time someone mentions the word 'clock' I go like "Oh no, not this mumbo jumbo again".

#10 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-05-01 12:31:59

And just out of curiosity... What happens to the golden chest if it's owner dies?

#11 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-05-01 12:30:12

iceman wrote:

Congrats, 42Dustman!  You have figured out through trial and error what I had trouble figuring out looking at the map!

Damn, that's some top-notch house design right there. No wonder it took me so many deaths tries, it's all complex and compact and there are a lot of places where you can commit an unapparent error and only see that you mucked it up in a far away area. I also like that little modification you made by surrounding the "vault" with pits so burglars could take a peek at it's golden glory if they took this or that wrong turn. big_smile

#12 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-05-01 04:37:41




AND...... Hey, what's with that sword hanging up there?

#14 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-04-30 21:03:58

GotABigTrap wrote:
42dustman wrote:

How did Mr. Webb die?

That was me..

Oh... Sorry about your whole family.

#17 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-04-28 19:30:16

gyuri wrote:

I love the guy(s?) experimenting with EMPs and cardboxes to get past poison gas. I have some very nice tapes, my favourite being this one:

Haha! That was me. big_smile

#18 Re: Main Forum » [Fortress Theory] My (broken) house » 2014-04-27 15:25:51

StefanLindskog wrote:

Panic buttons with state on?

Yes. They conduct until pressed by a family member.

#19 Main Forum » [Fortress Theory] My (broken) house » 2014-04-27 02:19:52

Replies: 4


I designed it to become unsolvable if the wife or the girl got killed, but a burglar bruteforced it and killed the wife and got to the vault in a single go. Whoever robbed it suicided and burned 25k with him.

#20 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-04-23 20:23:24

You were the one who painted my house all over weren't you?

#21 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-04-23 13:24:39

Yay! Finally managed to build that house. big_smile

#22 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-04-22 11:21:55

iceman wrote:

Wow... I really don't know what's going on here.  My best guess is a firewall issue or something, since it seems to only be happening on your account.  You're not building the game yourself, are you?

If you save a starter house, then take the time to make a full one, does that still give the error?

Added FT to my Windows Firewall (only firewall I have) exception list and tried to make the starter house first, got the error again.

#23 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-04-21 16:57:06

I think you might be right on client side thing though, because i just tried with an alt account and got the error too. I have also noticed that it only happens when I take a few minutes to build the house. If I do it real quick I can self test the house and go to the neighborhood without problems.

#24 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-04-21 16:44:52

Nope, house check in failure again. Already "redownloaded" the mod twice.

Here's the recordedGame of my last try:

#25 Re: Main Forum » Fortress Theory Mod - Version 3 » 2014-04-21 13:33:14

Had the house check in error again 3 times in a row, can't build a house at all.

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