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#1 Re: Main Forum » Jason please read this » 2014-02-18 14:14:18

Goto this file:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\CastleDoctrine\settings\downloadCode.ini

open in notepad.

You will find something that resemble a CD code.

Pin it at the end of the URL: … ticket_id=

so it looks like this: … XXXX-XXXXX
(But with the X's replaced with your download code)

Now you can download the DRM free variant and sources.

If you want to play "off-steam", then:
your username can be find in:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\CastleDoctrine\settings\email.ini

Your download code or password, is same as the "CD key" you found in the downloadCode.ini file in the steam folder.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Wireless transmission and Step-limit exploits » 2014-02-18 14:06:30

Jason: No. I suppose that the things not receiving Power the second step, would simply be reset at calculation 0.
That would simply push the first caculation to substep 1.

So there would not be any weirdness unless you did Circuits with larger Clock steps than 32. If we do as you say, we simply "freeze" the Circuit after 32 steps instead of "settling" the Circuit.

This could also be fixed: Add code that simply checks, Before calculating Electronics for the first loop run, that checks if anything that did receive Power last turn, does no longer receive Power. Change state of this.

Then Circuits would behave exact same each turn.
Only way to change this would be with bit storage.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Wireless transmission and Step-limit exploits » 2014-02-18 13:48:41

I have a idea:
Remove all settling code and all such things, and just break calculation after 32 steps, and leave Everything in the states they become in the 32th step.

For this to work, a property needs to be added, like "oscillatorComponent", to the NC and NO relay.

What oscillatorComponent means, is that this is a Component that will cause Electronics to loop, and will advance loop calculation with 1 step.

Since any other Component NEVER can be put in a way that would cause Electronics to "loop", only Component that can be used for this is NC and NO relay, we could put a property that would tell the Engine that this is a item that would cause Electronics to be recalculated.

And change calcuation to be done in this way:
First, all Components that was powered in the previous turn (NOT STEP). Remember these Components.
Calculate Electronics given from the Power source, "follow" the Cables until it reach a Component. If its a conducting Component, continue following.
Mark all Component that would change state due to receiving/not receiving electricity. (Of cource not a visible mark, rather a "true/false" mark in the code, telling that this Component is going to change)
Check if any of the remembered Components does no longer receive Power. Mark them.

IF any Component that has the property "oscillatorComponent" is marked for state change then:

If STEP counter is less than 32:
Increate STEP counter.
Delete all marks on all Components, except for oscillatorComponent's.
Change state of all oscillatorComponents.
Delete all marks now.
Calculate Electronics given from the Power source, "follow" the Cables until it reach a Component. If its a conducting Component, continue following.
Mark all Component that would change state due to receiving/not receiving electricity. (Of cource not a visible mark, rather a "true/false" mark in the code, telling that this Component is going to change)
Check if any of the remembered Components does no longer receive Power. Mark them.

IF any Component that has the property "oscillatorComponent" would change state then GOTO "loop".

If STEP counter is 32 or more, just exit this loop and leave Electronics in the way it is.
Proceed with calculation of Death of player and mobiles.

This means that if you do a paradox Circuit that gives 1/0/1/0 pulses, then it will be this:
1010101010101010101010101010101 = will stay in a on state when the Circuit "settles"
If you do a 1/0/0 pulser, then:
1001001001001001001001001001001 = will stay in a on state when the Circuit "settles".
If you do a 1/0/0/0/0 pulser:
1000010000100001000010000100001 = will stay in a on state when the Circuit "settles".
If you do a 1/0/0/0/0/0/0 pulser:
1000000100000010000001000000100 = will stay in a off state when the Circuit "settles".

It would be pretty hard to do a pulser that settles in the way you want even with a system that simply leaves the Circuit in the state it found when it reach 32 steps.

Eg once it trips the limit, just exit the Electronics calculation and leave Everything as it became the 32th step.

That would solve all problems with wireless and such.

#4 Re: Main Forum » What is this one person doing??? » 2014-02-17 12:22:34

jasonrohrer: The queue system would not allow you to "hang around", since as soon as robber leaves or finishes robbery, you will immediately be put in your house, subject to the 5 minute edit time inactivity.

So If a owner wants to enter house:
1: Check if its occupied by a robber.
2: If occupied.
3: Place owner into queue.
4: Check if owner abandons queue or house becomes empty.
5: If owner abandons. About the house entry and put owner back to house list.
6: If house becomes empty: Goto 9
7: If none of these, wait 2 seconds, then Goto 4.
8: If house is empty:
9: Place owner into edit mode and start 5 minute timer.

If owner's client does not check queue status for lets say 7 seconds, abandon queue Place automatically.
If theres a non-abandoned queue Place on house, a new robber cannot enter this house  until the queue Place is satisfyed or abandoned.
If client check queue status and finds house empty, start 5 minute edit timer on server side, and put client into edit mode on server side (so client cannot get house list and such).

This would mean that everytime a robber is in a house, a owner can only block the house until the robber leaves. This means the owner will be next person to enter the house.
While the owner is in queue, owner cannot do anything else than check queue status or abandon queue. No browing security tapes, no browsing house list, no editing, nothing.
Queue is considered abandoned if the owner's client does not check queue status within 7 seconds from last check (if the client did check each 2 seconds, then it would require 3 packetloss to lose Place in queue)
Queue is considered satisfyed and edit being started (5 minute timer starts), and client is immediately, without confirmation, put into edit mode, if the client do a queue check and the queue check says the house is empty.

In short, such a queue system would not allow the user to protect a house more than he can do today.
If the owner would snooze, it wouldn't matter if he did it through queue, then the user would be in queue like 15 seconds, then in edit mode for 5 minutes, and then kicked out to house list again.
And during those 15 seconds, house is blocked for robbery anyways (since 2 robbers cannot be in the same house at the same time). So queue would not change the "protection time", house would still be protected like if the owner did enter straight after a robbery by spamming the "Go home" button until it succeeds.

See it more as a "Join the house as soon as it becomes available" thing for the owner.

When this function is implemented, scouters have to scout when someone is not watching the house, or try to scout as short times as possible to not get spotted by the owner. (eg when owner wants to enter his house).

#5 Re: Main Forum » Bad object signature » 2014-02-17 11:57:31

colorfusion: No. Then you get "Bad sprite signature"

Bad object signature means:
Either some groupWith was altered
There exist Alien folders in one or more objects. Delete any Alien folders.
Or one or more sprites, has a incorrect SIZE.

For example if some object have "0", "2" folders
Adding a "1" folder will invalidate the signature.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Multiplexing » 2014-02-17 10:08:51

The 2 pulse generators are not identical. The bottom one has a crossed wiring while the upper one has horizintal wiring. Nearest the first Power source.

Marked the differences.
Are those supposed?

#7 Re: Main Forum » Multiplexing » 2014-02-17 09:01:48

Did not work. Did try the Circuit. Result: All Three lights light up regardless of which buttons that are pressed, except for one state: When none button is pressed, then none lights are light.

#8 Re: Main Forum » What is this one person doing??? » 2014-02-16 09:38:11

yes, that too.
Having a "queue" system only for the owner of the house, would be like coming home, see that a burgular is inside and just hide and wait until he left.

#9 Re: Main Forum » What is this one person doing??? » 2014-02-16 05:57:31

Another idea would be a queue system. Once you request to enter your house and its occupied by a robber, you will be put in a queue. When the robber goes out, you will immediately gain priority access given that your queue request is still pending.
To be able to see the house list, or security tapes, you must abandon your queue request.

Of course, the queue system would only apply to owner, not concurrent robbers, because else, all houses would be in queue all day long.

#10 Re: Main Forum » So Jason what if I... » 2014-02-15 23:45:38

It seems like it is used to calculate how the shades should look like. Simply, something that tells the Engine whats top and whats bottom of a object.

#11 Re: Main Forum » So Jason what if I... » 2014-02-15 23:22:46

Yes, except for a few, wire sprites. That are signed and will refuse to load, if you replace them.

#12 Main Forum » [Forum Suggestion] Add BB-code for building traps. » 2014-02-15 23:20:34

Replies: 3

A suggestion:
Add a new BBCode, so you can build traps.
Like this:



Should be simple to implement, only character replacement is necessary.

#13 Re: Main Forum » So Jason what if I... » 2014-02-15 23:14:19

The paintings will be replaced of course, but only for your Eyes.

Each painting have a "ID", which will load the corresponding file in THEIR local folder.
Lets say you replace:
"C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\CastleDoctrine\gameElements\gallery\Charlie_Franco____Doing_Time\CF-DoingTime.tga" with a Picture of yourself.

When you browse the action house, you will see the Picture of yourself.
When you buy the painting, you will see your Picture in your house.
When someone other buys the painting, you will see your Picture in their house.

When someone else browse the action house, they will see the Picture of the black-White striped figure.
When you buy the painting, other persons will see the Picture of the black-White striped figure in your house.
When someone other buys the painting, other persons will see the Picture of the black-White striped figure in their house.

So no, the Pictures are not "uploaded" anywhere, only you see the replaced Pictures.

#14 Re: Main Forum » [Suggestion] Tool idea to be immune to sight through windows? » 2014-02-15 23:06:47

I don't see any use of such tool. People will just do so you HAVE to take the animal with you to proceed. Thus taking out the animal or making him immobile with mirrors/invisibility, would disable further traps that you normally would arrive to in a disabled/safe state.

The only trap such tool would "defuse" is these instant kill traps, like:

## B C PV

trap. (# = Electric floor, W=Wired wall, V = Wooden wall, B = Sticking button, C = Chihuahua, P = Power)

but then people will stop using such traps and rely more on commit gates, locking in the robber with some animal or other trap.

#15 Re: Main Forum » [MOD] Sweden mod » 2014-02-15 11:37:11

Here it is (Booper):

replace gameElements/houseObjects/pitbull/0/pitbull.tga and gameElements/houseObjects/pitbull/11/pitbull.tga

Its only guards that is normal that will be yellow. Sleeping, dead, or fired guards will be grey.
But yellow its not that realistic. Only personell that is yellow (guards, cops and order guards) is when they do duty in the traffic, for safety reasons. (HI-VI Wests)

all other: Don't do the replacement. It will look very strange :-)

#16 Re: Main Forum » [MOD] Sweden mod » 2014-02-15 11:06:45

Should I do the guards lighter or darker? Whats preferred?

#17 Re: Main Forum » Suggestions Page » 2014-02-14 19:19:50

Pandamonium: It could simply Always be White.

#18 Re: Main Forum » Suggestions Page » 2014-02-14 18:16:46

2 things would be nice:
A video of your successful self-test, that could appear in the video list as a successful robbery of 0$ and name "You". Thats completely logic, why would your security camera not record when you are visiting your own house?
This would make it easy to see if traps are really deadly if you would not do your magic dances and such. You could literally see your traps deactivate.

Possibility to search the video list. Possible search terms could be:
Bringed at least of the following Tools in your house. (with the addition of "Any tool")
Minimum number of steps
Maximum number of steps
Did die or not or all

So if I search for lets say: Tools = 2 Any, 1 Ladder, 1 Wire Cutters and 1 Water, minimum 10 steps and maximum 100 steps, and did die.
it would only show videos where someone bringed a total of 5 Tools, where one tool is ladder, one Wire cutter and one Water, and did use at least 10 and a maximum of 100 steps, and did die during robbery.

Showing all videos could be accomplished by setting Tools to "NONE", Minsteps = 0, Maxsteps = 0 and answer "all" on the did die or not.

#19 Re: Main Forum » [MOD] Sweden mod » 2014-02-14 12:10:23

Solved it. Turned out some sprites had incorrect sizes.

Now the mod is updated.
See top post to download the new version.

Added signatures for objects.
In English version: Replaced the relay names so they become "NC Relay" and "NO Relay".
In English version: Replaced the toggle button names so they become "NC Pressure Switch" and "NO Pressure Switch".
Updated language file.
Fixed incorrect sprite sizes in cat and chihuahua.
Updated toggleable alarm laser, to be off by default.

Löste det. Visade sig vara felaktiga storlekar på bilderna.

Nu är moddet uppdaterat.
Se förstaposten för att ladda ner den nya versionen.

Lade till signaturer för objekt.
I Engliska versionen: Bytte ut namnen på reläerna så att det blev "NC Relay" och "NO Relay"
I Engelska versionen: Bytte ut namnen på dubbeltryck fotströmställare så att det blev "NC Pressure Toggle Switch" och "NO Pressure Toggle Switch"
Uppdaterade språkfilerna.
Fixade felaktiga bildstorlekar i katt och hund.
Uppdaterade avslagbara larmlasern, till att vara avslagen per default.

#20 Re: Main Forum » [Bug?] v32 list starts you at houses worth $0? » 2014-02-14 11:27:47

Is your wealth = 0$?

Then its supposed to do that, it will automatically put you in the part of list that matches your wealth value. I don't know if wealth includes Tools or not however, and/or if it includes Tools in backpack.

#21 Re: Main Forum » [MOD] Sweden mod » 2014-02-14 11:01:40

Yes but chihuahua's/cat's does not have any groupWith. Also Everything else works flawlessly. And when i replace the tga only, it complains on incorrect sig.
I cannot find anything in the properties that should require a signed Sprite on cat and chihuahua, so I guess its some bug?

#22 Re: Main Forum » [MOD] Sweden mod » 2014-02-14 10:53:40

What happened? Seems like the cat and chihuahua sprites are signed now, because when I replace the tga files, it complain on incorrect object sig.

#23 Re: Main Forum » [MOD] Sweden mod » 2014-02-14 00:19:24

Iceman: Those "interesting things" are propably because Everything with wire, is signed. Apparently, according to the instructions, you get a unfair advantage if you modify the wire sprites.
I guess it have with transparency to do, if you modify these sprites in a certain way, you will see through walls or something....

If you wonder about the reason the security guards are grey?
Yes because Swedish guards have a grey uniform. (I Think the state did this to prevent confusion with cops, since Swedish guards look very similiar to cops, and non-government personell must be easly differed from government personell even at a distance). theres a Another guard type, "Ordningsvakt" - "Order guard", which wear blue uniform, but they are part of government and not allowed to protect private property, they are like privately paid cops, for pubs and large events where the state doesn't want to pay the costs to uphold a good order.
Some have black and some have completely White. It varies with different shades of grey, but blue is forbidden. Green is military so it wouldn't work either. Red would look very strange :-)


#24 Re: Main Forum » [MOD] Sweden mod » 2014-02-13 15:31:23

Iceman: Yes, it was pretty hard to find out a non-lethal "arrest"-alternative to those traps.
But I did find out a logical scheme.

However, the "pit.tga" was harder. Had to replace every pit piece  with a number (1, 2, 3, 4 .... 16) and then load ingame and look how the pit parts gets sewed together, and then paint a dotted line in top and bottom of pit part.
Then look ingame again, and then align every pit piece (by moving the dotted lines inside the .tga file) so the dotted lines become straight lines (then I knew the pieces was aligned). Then I could paint the lasers without they getting misaligned.
Report here (with a print screen) if it "looks wrong" when you use mirrors on a Permanent Alarm Laser.

About name generation: There's a plausible explanation of that too:
In sweden and a few other countries, if you get in jail, and the justice system sees theres a risk that you will get assaulted due to people taking matters in their own hands (to get "revenge"), when your'e set free from jail, you will get a new identity from government (new name, new SSN, new adress, and so on). Only the government can tie your old and new identity, to prevent people from using the new identity to commit new crimes. (This is however a rare case that previous criminals get a new identity, but it happens sometimes)

#25 Main Forum » [MOD] Sweden mod » 2014-02-12 22:30:17

Replies: 18


I got the idea of this "Sweden mod".

And did it.

Sweden mod with English language pack:
Sweden mod with Swedish language pack:

Unpack in the root of your castledoctrine folder. Allow it to replace files.

Sweden mod ONLY contain sprite & language Changes, and are fully compatible with the core game.

Now to the explanation behind Sweden Mod:

As you might know, self defense laws and castle doctrine laws, vary in each country. The Original Castle Doctrine game, unfolds in USA, where its okay to use deadly violence against a criminal while the criminal commits crime.
But in Sweden, you might wonder.... Nope. Self defense in Sweden are VERY restricted, and theres no "Castle Doctrine" in sweden, rather duty to retreat - even in our homes!

So I Think, it would be cool to give US people insight on how we "Swede's" solve crime problems.

So I decided to replace all deadly sprites with corresponding non-deadly sprites in this Swedish Mod. In Swedish Mod, you cannot die. Rather, you are arrested instead, by the police.
Being arrested has the same consequences as dying in the original game, eg you have to start over from the beginning.

Now to the replacements being made:

House Objects:
Electric Floor -> Motion Detector.
Stepping or staying in a Active motion detector will trigger an alarm, which will dispatch police and you get arrested.
Can be sabotaged in its off state with Wire cutters, or Circumvented with a 1kOhm resistor if its active.

Pit Bull -> Security Guard.
Stepping on the same tile as a security guard is pretty obvious. The security guard will arrest you.
Guard can be clubbed, shot as normal.
It can also be put to sleep with sleep dart.
If the Security Guard triggers a police alarm, he will get fired (lose its job and become off-duty).

Power Source -> Alarm Transmitter.
Circumventing the Alarm Transmitter, of couse, does disable it. Any connected detectors will no longer work. Circumventing the Alarm Transmitter, will activate any Toggleable Alarm Lasers on its path as a consequence. (Had to replace the Power source, since a normal alarm system would being triggered if anyone tries to cut Power).

Pit -> Permanent Alarm Laser.
Does have its own transmitter built-in. Stepping into a Permanent Alarm Laser, will of course get you arrested.
Can be circumvented with mirrors.

Trapdoor -> Toggleable Alarm Laser.
Same as Permanent Alarm Laser, but can be turned off by a Active Alarm Transmitter.
Can be circumvented with mirrors.

Wife´s Shotgun -> Wife´s Defense Spray
Any Square adjacent to Wife will get you sprayed with vision-blocking red spray containing UV color so police will find you. Also, the wife will call the police.

Water Bottle -> 1kOhm Resistor.
Can be used to circumvent Active motion detectors or Alarm Transmitters

Ladder -> 4 Mirrors.
Can be used to circument any Alarm laser.

Drugged Meat -> Sleeping Dart.
Can be used on security guards and Chihuahuas. (It would not make sense to throw drugged meat at a security guard)

Chihuahuas and cats will get very scared by going into a Active alarm, and will stay still permanenty, so the chihuahua and cat does not trigger the alarm.

About self-test: Of course, you forgot your ID card at home. So your security guards will try to even arrest you, and if you trigger a police alarm, you will be arrested for causing a false turn-out.

Note: Since the robber does not obey the law, the wife, security guard, family members, and animals can still be killed in game.

Terminilogy changed ingame:
Death -> Arrest
Bounty -> Fine
Suicide -> Call Police
Chills -> Survelliance by police


What do you Think?

Jag fick den här idén att göra en svensk variant av spelet, baserat på svenska självförsvarlagar.

Och gjorde det.

Sverigemodifikation med engelskt språkpaket:
Sverigemodifikation med svenskt språkpaket:

Packa upp i roten av din "CastleDoctrine"-mapp och svara JA när den frågar om att skriva över.

Sverigemodifikationen ändrar bara på bilder och texter, och är fullt kompatibla med grundspelreglerna.

Här till förklaringen bakom Sverigemodifikationen:

Som du kanske vet, så varierar självförsvarlagar och rätten till sitt hem, i olika länder. Originalversionen av "The Castle Doctrone" utspelar sig i USA, där det är okej att använda dödligt våld.
Men i Sverige kanske du undrar? Nej, här är självförsvar väldigt restriktivt. I Sverige har du Skyldighet att retirera - Även i ditt hem!

Så jag tycker det skulle vara roligt att ge USA-personer lite insikt om hur vi svenskar sköter det där med att avvärja kriminella.

Jag bytte ut alla farliga fällor mot ofarliga motsvarigheter. I Sverigemodifikationen kan du inte bli dödad, snarare gripen av polisen.
Om du blir gripen av polisen så har det samma konsekvenser som i originalspelet - du får börja om på nytt.

Nu till de föremål som blivit utbytta:

Elektriskt golv -> Rörelsedetektor.
Om du går in eller stannar i en rörelsedetektor's bevakningsfält medans den är igång så kommer polisen att tillkallas till platsen och du blir gripen.
Du kan sabotera rörelsedetektorn när den är icke-aktiv, med avbitartång, och manipulera den med ett 1kOhm-motstånd medans den är igång.

Pit Bull -> Väktare.
Om du hamnar på samma ruta som en väktare så är det rätt självklart vad som händer - även väktare har rätt att gripa personer.
Väktare kan klubbas ner eller skjutas som vanligt.
Eller så kan du söva ner väktaren med en bedövningspil.
Om väktaren av misstag råkar lösa ut ditt polislarm så kommer väktaren bli avskedad.

Strömkälla -> Larmsändare.
Om du manipulerar larmsändare så slutar den fungera. Då slutar även anslutna detektorer att fungera såklart. Som en konsekvens aktiveras alla larmlasrar på vägen eftersom den tappat kontakten med larmsändaren. (Var tvungen att byta ut strömkällan till detta eftersom ett vettigt larmsystem larmar när man tar bort strömmen).

Hål -> Permanent larmlaser.
Har en egen larmsändare inbyggd. Om du bryter någon av laserstrålarna så tillkallas polisen.
Kan kringgås med speglar.

Fallucka -> Avslagbar larmlaser.
Har en egen larmsändare inbyggd. Kan stängas av ifrån en larmsändare.
Kan kringgås med speglar.

Din fru's hagelbössa -> Din fru's självförsvarsspray
Hamnar du i rutan brevid någons fru och frun är försedd med självförsvarsspray så blir du sprayad röd i hela ansiktet och det är dessutom UV så polisen lätt kan binda dig till brottet. Dessutom ringer frun polisen.

Vattenflaska -> 1kOhm-Motstånd.
Kan användas för att manipulera aktiva rörelsedetektorer eller larmsändare.

Stege -> 4 Speglar.
Kan användas för att kringgå laserlarm.

Drogat kött -> Bedövningspilar.
Kan användas på väktare och hundar. (Det skulle inte göra någon nytta att kasta drogat kött på väktare)

Hundar och katter blir vettskrämda av aktiva larmdetektorer och står still hela tiden för att inte lösa ut larmet.

Om självtestet: Oj du glömde ditt legg hemma, så dina anställda väktare kommer givetvis försöka gripa dig och du kan ju inte lösa ut ditt eget larm, då kommer du bli gripen för att ha orsakat en onödig polisutryckning.

OBS! Eftersom inbrottstjuvar inte följer lagen så kan väktare, din fru, dina barn, och dina husdjur, fortfarande bli dödade i spelet.

Begrepp ändrade i spelet:
Döden -> Gripen
Skottpengar -> Böter
Självmord -> Ring polisen
"Chills" -> Övervakning av polisen


Vad tycker ni?

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