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#1 Main Forum » Fatal error (sql) when robbing house » 2016-08-05 03:53:48

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I created a server with the last files given on the website.
I can login with two accounts (on two different computer) create houses, and see houses in the list.

But when i try to rob the house, the house is full of grey walls and the vault is just in front of me, when i go to the vault, i got "unexcepted error from server"

and in the database (in the log table) i get :

[user_id = 2] Fatal error:  Database query failed:<BR>SELECT SHA1( '=dÁI…ÂR=z^N¨JóZ@Ë;òðÅñ¶?bLÂlö¥vÖH¦ä,…yeŒáÍR?¹"-&ÑœQA)é²J㬦ÞêåÄío}Û‡ÔÔ`n‚."øn1€õhÖ-éú

My charsets are in utf8_general_ci
The non-hash version of houses maps looks ok, but maybe its because there are # and they are used in SQL?

We are in a LAN with 15 people until sunday, hope someone can help us set this up smile


#2 Re: Main Forum » Obligatory "My House Has Finally Fallen" Post » 2014-02-20 17:33:14

Thanks for sharing! i died twice in your house the last few days and far away your vault. big_smile

#3 Re: Main Forum » Displaying paintings on walls ! » 2014-02-20 17:26:47

Ok i understand your choice, but i still think this is a fun content to add

For 1. any chance to make a tiny version of them even with less pixels maybe?
For 2. you can for example display the number of paintings after the name on top screen and/or on houses list.
For 3. apply the item's rule : "you ditch your backpack as you run out the door"

#4 Main Forum » Displaying paintings on walls ! » 2014-02-20 09:04:10

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1. Concept :


2. In action :


3. FUN big_smile

#5 Re: Main Forum » My house (215 deaths / $117 000) John David Appleton » 2014-02-17 05:22:26

Pandamonium wrote:

Wow, the wiring... confuses me.

Good work on the wiring side, I mean you've given me the blue prints and even so, it's confusing to follow.
However, you may want to look at brute force prevention in your next home.

14 waters + 1 crowbar + ladder = 14*100 + 1*2400 + 1*1800 = 5600

5600 isn't much, even if Morrison came in 3 times and used 3 times that, he still made heaps in profit.

Yes this was really my weakness, need more place for electronics !

Blip wrote:

Also, two points. What does $60,000 in paintings even mean? Is that amount you paid for them, or are you just valuing each at $20K? And why is that Chihuahua there?

Yes, for what i have seen, beautiful paintings don't last on the auction house under $20k, i recorded the second one :


And of course the Chihuahua is useless but a lot of people used brick or saw to get there instead of using it to escape the top trap (even if they escape the top trap, they always go down and die) big_smile

Kimenzar wrote:

Don't worry i robbed William George Morrison big_smile

Ahah good to hear big_smile

#6 Main Forum » My house (215 deaths / $117 000) John David Appleton » 2014-02-16 17:11:45

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Hi there !

Since i finally successfully got robbed, i would like to share my house/tips and hope some of you will like it.

For the record i got 215 deaths / $117 000 in approximatively 4 days.
I started with $10k  and used $7k to build my house.

This the last screenshot i have before the last rob :


So first, here is a animation of my tapes list : (if the animation doesn't work click on it and refresh on the new page or wait few minutes for the loading)


And then my house :


And finally the solution : (if the animation doesn't work click on it and refresh on the new page or wait few minutes for the loading)

So you have to turn on 4 buttons only and in a very strict order or every circuits turn off (even if the player break electric walls) and make it impossible to reach the vault without tools.
The trick here is the door on the top, 99.99 % people think buttons open THIS door but it don't so they try all buttons and block the circuit every time.


as you can see in this animation of some deaths : (if the animation doesn't work click on it and refresh on the new page or wait few minutes for the loading)


So congratz to William George Morrison for successfully robbing my house (with brute force) big_smile


Understand i'm not here for bragging, i know there are a lot more complex houses but i just want to share my experience because when i started this game i was looking for topics like this smile

Before you ask, i know my name because a friend found my house before the end^^

I'm from france by the way so sorry if there is some spelling errors.

Have fun!

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