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#1 Main Forum » Fun while it lasted on the top » 2014-02-04 20:56:21

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I had a fun time these past hours watching videos while i was near/at the top. I was Adam Bernard Hyden, and i got robbed by Michael Casey Talton. Kudos. I never had such a hard house but i had real fun building it and it was my first time every completing a design. I got so much to learn and will make my next house A LOT better.

This is the castledraft of my house:

If anyone wants i can write out an explanation if need be.

I did take some of blips posted map because i really like that idea at the top and i made it better i think, but now i need a new idea because this is easy to bruteforce.

And whoever Ivan Andrew Reneau was that just walked into my house and blew up the EXACT right walls to get straight to my vault and then look at it... then walked out with all of this ( unharmed without the vaults money...i seriously want to know why?

#2 Re: Main Forum » Suggestions Page » 2014-02-02 14:43:25

Saving Tapes NEEDS to be an option, some of the deaths are too funny... and then i die and it's all gone..

#3 Re: Main Forum » Few Things I Noticed About The Game » 2014-02-01 14:19:46

iceman wrote:

The point of having a family is having a second chance - if you're robbed without a wife, you're at 0 dollars and almost certainly have to start over.  If you have a wife, you can actually continue in that life - she'll keep enough enough money for you to either attract more robbers or buy tools for a big robbery. The wife is a second chance in a game that has none.

If you've figured out how to get to the vault in most cases you can backtrack either by just walking or brute forcing back with tools(if somehow it got blocked off), to go look for the wife an kill her like the 80% of people that robbed me did. And its not that hard to figure out where she is either because there has to be no obstacles in her path. So really when it comes down to being one of the top houses there is not going to be a second chance because people will kill her and take your vault too for all your money.

#4 Re: Main Forum » Few Things I Noticed About The Game » 2014-02-01 13:34:10

setz wrote:

There used to be a income your Wife would accrue darkkolt but that was removed a handful of versions ago.

Here is the post where Jason explains the reasoning: … php?id=475

I agree with some of the reasoning but i guess the salary was too high to be able to sit there and grind it, there is no point of having a family at the moment besides shotgun which is not that scary.

#5 Main Forum » Few Things I Noticed About The Game » 2014-02-01 12:07:54

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Just a few things I noticed in the game:

1. Having a family in the game is a burden, there is not really much reward for still having them. In my opinion if you dont have a family you have a lot more flexibility and room to make a better house because there is no restrictions. A fix for this is maybe rewarding the player $X/hour for having your wife or kids, this way it makes it a little fair.

2. When someone finally robs you for all your money using a lot of tools it is frustrating having to restart because you are at 0 dollars. Yes i understand that is a part of the game, but since you lose all your tools when you reach a vault, because you have to make room for whatever the vault contains, i think it would be fair that the person who got robbed gets all the extra tools the robber didn't use. This can have the person at 0 dollars have a chance to either rob someone with his remaining tools, or sell his tools and maybe keep playing if it is enough to stay afloat. This also goes for someone leaving your house with tools why don't you get those tools that they dropped?

3. The magic dance meta is really annoying and boring, especially when someone really knows how to exploit it well. It makes it that you have to brute force it with A LOT of tools, and gives people with a medium amount of tools no way of reaching past that point. How a dog can follow your every movement through 4 thick walls( or more i don't know) doesn't make sense and to me is really broken. If those movement mechanics were gone maybe we can see some more interesting houses instead of the same boring thing.

I hope i expressed my points correctly. Thoughts?

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