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#1 Re: Main Forum » Don't worry Curry » 2014-02-21 09:37:14

Boo Josh. Came back from work and was prepared to completely rebuild my dream house from scratch.. Now i'm 20k short to do that. sad

#2 Re: Main Forum » Wireless transmission and Step-limit exploits » 2014-02-19 09:38:11

MMaster wrote:

I'm not sure I understood what you wanted to say. The problem is not wireless stuff, but problem is that Jere used it?

No. Problem is the fact that you can see whole circuit there and as the game rules stand by now circuit should power up those trap doors. If there would be like i said a wireless receiver tile between power source and everything else - yeah it would be ok as player could suspect it might do something unexpected.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Wireless transmission and Step-limit exploits » 2014-02-19 09:13:13

MMaster wrote:
jere wrote:

I think one of the entertaining things about this game is finding out more and more stuff that can be done and the more you play the more you learn. Giving everything on a clean plate to the players takes away part of the fun in discovering the game mechanics.

Yea, tell that to the people coming into my house. They don't learn the trick in my house and they don't have a hope of trying it in their own without some help. They have no route to learning how this works and I don't think we should expect them to either.

When I played minecraft I had no idea how people do thousands of things and the game didn't tell me and it still doesn't. In that case the key is community and I think this game has great community. We have nice wiki, castledraft, lots of posts on forums explaining all of the things (and I thank you all for that - it's great). The game is about making traps where you have to think, nobody will tell you all the possible traps that you can make as that would make the game boring.
I think it's just the question what kind of game Castle Doctrine wants to be and what is the target audience for it. You can't make game for everyone (unless you make Angry Birds wink ).

The problem here is not the wireless stuff or learning what you can do and what not. Yeah i would love to see wireless stuff, but then it would have to be usable item - transmitter tile and receiver tile. The example Jere used is just plain and simple cheat. There is absolutely no logic. Just a "feature" abused while player believes in rules that has been presented to them on wiki. Imagine an empty floor tile sprite that is actually a pit. Player moves over it, falls through concrete floor and dies. This is exactly that.

..Or you can update wiki to say that you can't believe anything you see anymore. Oh.. But thats a complete different story called Matrix.

#4 Re: Main Forum » Wireless transmission and Step-limit exploits » 2014-02-19 00:35:35

jere wrote:

Well, this guy is having a bad day.

This is just plain stupid. Nothing personal ofc, but from now on i'm not going to visit any house before this is fixed..

#5 Re: Main Forum » Name your Price » 2014-02-16 11:48:16

Yes.. Yes.. Go to sleep.. We are coming for you... wink

#6 Re: Main Forum » That moment when... » 2014-02-15 16:24:38

My quess would be ppl got sick of "unfair" mechanics. Clock circuits, magic dances, combination locks etc.

I do love challenging puzzles, but its hardly a puzzle when all you can see is electric floor and only imagine what kind of voodoo is hidden somewhere inside those walls killing you any second.

Of course i'm still playing it.. Maybe even too much, but my tactics are different as there is no reason to risk dying on some magic tricks. I just got bored to figure out 90% of someones house just to see there is a combination lock at the end. I'm now just bunkering on my own house and slowly building it as bountys flow in. My house is relatively inviting and not scaring ppl away. No dirty tricks - It is hard to crack, but stupidity is what kills people in my house.

Another reason i might suspect is the new update where your house catalog starts at your own cash range. I did notice i got more ppl visiting when i burned my money down to 2k$ and no tools at the vault.

#7 Main Forum » How does Bounty get calculated? » 2014-02-14 12:40:39

Replies: 4

Found some answers with search, but pretty much only guessing.

So far i have only seen 100$ bounty up untill now. Ronald M. Williamson did suicide inside my house and bounty was 8100$.

So how exactly does bounty get calculated? Does people dying inside your house increase your own bounty or only you killing family members and robbing someone else?

#8 Re: Main Forum » Unsolvable houses » 2014-02-12 09:11:18

ZenRose wrote:

Just in case you are unaware I thought I should tell you that it is possible to move pets at no cost.  If you place one somewhere and then pick up one from anywhere the net cost should be $0.  This applies to pit bulls, chihuahuas, and cats.  They can be asleep or awake but not dead.  Hope that helps.

Thank you, but i'm aware of that. Robber used 8k worth of tools that made a bit of a dent on the house interior. wink

All fixed now, but no money to attract anyone. smile

#9 Re: Main Forum » Unsolvable houses » 2014-02-12 07:14:31

aszgarre wrote:

Earlier however i found a house that had a pitbull right outside the door as you come in. If you took 1 step you died. It is impossible and because of that i am starting to think that maybe some of the others have been like that as well. (I think it was John David Appleton)

I'll quess thats me and i do apologize. Just came from RL work and noticed i had a sleeping pit bull right at the entrance. You shouting out my name here seems to solve the problem tho (or just a coincidence). Roger John Alston came in with ridiculous amount of tools and brute forced his way in. Stole 26978$. smile

I do hope there is some solution in the future to prevent this kind of unsolvability from happening. Also at this moment i hope i could sell parts of my house to repair it..

Sorry everyone who died because of this!

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