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#1 Re: Main Forum » Meta-Game and Common Trap Mechanics » 2014-04-02 01:52:33

Look again. Yes it would trigger the breaker circuit, but then it would be stuck in that very circuit (regardless of robbers moves even).

#2 Re: Main Forum » Tedder Robbed By Snyder! » 2014-04-02 01:24:19

add a zero to the money and 13+ paintings

#3 Re: Main Forum » Advanced Sight Change Trap » 2014-04-01 16:10:21

done, was about 20k apparently

had a quick look around, interesting house

#5 Re: Main Forum » Advanced Sight Change Trap » 2014-04-01 15:12:25

the chihuahua surfing would have killed you

starting with letting the pitbull out with L
R -> pitbull does R too
L -> pitbull stays put , door wants to close, but pitbull is on it
R -> pitbull does R too, door actually closes
L -> pitbull goes D, door opens
R -> trying to cuddle pitbull

But I'm letting that slide because that's obviously a bad idea and there is only other possible move (U) after which the rest is obvious again (3L).

If you post you name or entrance+money I get to it. No idea what the bounty is. Was robbing for quite some time but robbing only, not many wife kills and no children.
If you don't want it to be public I see what I can do (does this forum have PMs?).

Edit: you can actually merge the two dog dances to:
3R, 2L (same)
5R, 4L ,6R, 5L (changed)
7R, 1L, 5R (same)

found that easier to remember and it has fewer direction changes

#6 Re: Main Forum » Advanced Sight Change Trap » 2014-04-01 13:00:48

Yes, I guess getting to the reverse dog commit is the hardest part.
But since I didn't specify it I a full solution would be fairer to other contenders (if any, I don't know)

#7 Re: Main Forum » From R. J. Ponder to W. B. Tedder » 2014-04-01 11:29:55

I'm going to take a break and then start fresh.
Was looking for someone to get my bounty.
Decided to offer it as a reward for a tool less solution to my house

#8 Re: Main Forum » Advanced Sight Change Trap » 2014-04-01 11:21:30

the first one (edit time) to post a complete no tool solution gets my bounty

#10 Re: Main Forum » Tedder Robbed By Snyder! » 2014-03-31 15:27:52

to view unpack into playbackGame before starting the game
delete after

#11 Re: Main Forum » Tedder Robbed By Snyder! » 2014-03-31 14:46:08

No chihuahua surfing, runs 1-5 is mostly cutting through walls

#12 Re: Main Forum » Tedder Robbed By Snyder! » 2014-03-31 14:37:24

six runs
safe spot on 4
safe on 5
family on 6

Saw      5   7  20  35   6   4
Brick    2   2       4       3
Stop     1
Meat     4   7  13  13   8   8
Water    8   4  28  12   7
Ladder       2   2   3
Club             6           6
Cutter          12   2
Expl             3   3   8
Gun                         23

How do you export the robberies to gif (or something else)?
upload it where to?
or should I just make a replay file?

#13 Re: Main Forum » Tedder Robbed By Snyder! » 2014-03-31 14:17:56

Map: … hp?id=2461

the videos are not particularly interesting but I see what I can do about posting then
Im counting the tools now

#14 Re: Main Forum » Advanced Sight Change Trap » 2014-03-31 14:12:27

here is a upgraded version (as seen in the house of Walter Bryan Tedder):

note the particularly nasty paradox protecting the floor between the two concrete pillars (the space where you usually see the dog first)

#16 Re: Main Forum » From R. J. Ponder to W. B. Tedder » 2014-03-30 10:33:03

Another thing I liked is that you put the cats into the pits. It's more expensive but well worth it imho. Most people just let them sitting out in the open, begging for a brick.

#17 Re: Main Forum » Advanced Sight Change Trap » 2014-03-30 10:23:22

With some additional deception the number of accidental solutions is negligible. Brute force is the larger problem with it.

#18 Main Forum » Advanced Sight Change Trap » 2014-03-30 09:26:44

Replies: 20

Here's a trap I have been using for the last few weeks:

#19 Re: Main Forum » From R. J. Ponder to W. B. Tedder » 2014-03-30 09:11:00

You'r right, last night I got:
Graig Eugene Pearson: $200 !
Joseph Richard Welch $16,100
Andrew Andre Garland $3,600
Charles S. Gerald $24,100
Lloyd John Randazzo $4,600
Brian James Calabrese $2,100

quite a change, before I only attracted $100 robbers
I suspect 100k might be one of those magical barriers like 2k and 10k

Yours is the most secure place I have started to rob. I'm down 20k and have only seen like 60%. But I don't consider myself a good robber, just an extremely cautious one. But surviving long enough together with an trap that most robbers don't get goes a long way toward success.

What I like about the place is that even with an incomplete map I had no idea what the intended route is.

It weren't really a ten robberies. I should have a few in the beginning where I were only searching for specific houses or pictures.

Yes, five more saws would have gotten you almost to the save. Only one small trap left. I will post a map when it's beaten. Only a matter of time now that the heavy hitters started coming.

#20 Re: Main Forum » Feature request: Automap » 2014-03-30 02:14:43

then press ^ for slow, & for normal, or *() for fast
fast depends on vsync being off

and you can simply restart the client (and thus have new recording) before an important robbery

#21 Re: Main Forum » Feature request: Automap » 2014-03-29 10:01:53

If anything it makes the game more accessible for new users (which don't know how and when to map).

#22 Re: Main Forum » Feature request: Automap » 2014-03-29 09:23:04

As you said you can simply use the recording should you be under time pressure.

#23 Main Forum » Feature request: Automap » 2014-03-29 08:36:41

Replies: 11

Parts of the map that you have already seen would still be displayed (eg in greyscale, or like a hand drawn map) but only in the state you have last seen them. These maps would be individual to the house and be kept across robberies unless manually deleted.

I think just about every good robber manually draws maps anyway so it wouldn't cause much change in gameplay. But it would be much more convenient.

Storage could be server or client side. Server side probably would have to limit their number but could allow other interesting things such as robbing someone else’s maps.

As for implementation: I have a good idea of how it could be done that I can post if needed.

#24 Re: Main Forum » Simple fix to the dual account bounty crock of !@#$ » 2014-03-28 14:47:20

Maybe they don't know? It's not like you could simply check your bounty.

#25 Re: Main Forum » Funniest Home Surveillance Tapes » 2014-03-28 11:40:54

I wasn't breaking into the combo lock, I was going through it rather than chancing to unleash the dogs (hadn't seen the part with the IVS.)

I probably could have done the clock part as intended, but keeping the way back open would have been more expensive than simply going through the wall.

If you aren't going to take my offer why don't you at least post the videos where I rob you, then people can see how stupid I am.

You might want to fix up your house. I'm down to 12k for 7 paintings.

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