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#1 Re: Main Forum » Sale? » 2014-06-11 14:11:38

TCD is the kind of game that you don't know you're gonna love until you play it. If a hundred people play it, then maybe ten will love it.  If it costs £3 then several hundred people will play it, because £3 is less than the cost of a beer. 

At £12, it's too much to get that market of players who will spend a few quid on a game just to see if they like it, but who will only spend over £10 on something they are pretty damn sure they will play.

I hope yours takes off too, cullman.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Sale? » 2014-06-11 10:08:01

It is Jason's intention that this game die a natural death. It's plainly obvious to anyone that unless new players come in, it will be dead in a few weeks.  It is also obvious that the only way to get an influx of new players is to make it pocket-money price and run a Steam sale. Jason knows this already, but hasn't so far responded to any suggestion that he do so.

He's either letting it die because that's what he wants to happen (it's as much an 'art piece' as a game I guess), or he is refusing to change his mind about something he has already said publicly.  Either way, he's putting his own principles above the enjoyment of people who've paid him to play his games, which is why I too wll not be buying another of his.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Glenn Christopher Grant » 2014-06-09 11:32:31

The best part is I died on my next robbery, which was nothing more than a naked scout in a cheap house. Dumped a $20,000 bounty in a house that was worth $200!!! Meyes I think it was called.

#4 Main Forum » Glenn Christopher Grant » 2014-06-08 12:00:09

Replies: 3

It is with regret that I post news of the passing of Mrs Grant, and with her the demolition of the Grant house.

Unfortunately for her, she just didn't have enough dogs left for it to be unviable. Three guns, two metal cutting kits, three meats, and a prize of $4,800.

Apologies to anyone who was using Grant's place for money/tool/bounty transfer.

Semple, Gillard, and Callahan are also in my sights.

#5 Re: Main Forum » Randall Ralph Karr's house. » 2014-06-07 06:53:25

Is that the one where there are just two toggle switches in view of it? If so - no.  I can't fathom it. I have seen discussion somewhere though of a combo lock that requires buttons pressing in the correct order, not just the right buttons - so it could be a variation on that whereby you have to switch them on/off in a given sequence.

Or it could be a simple 2-bit combo that sets off a high step clock ticking when you get it right.  But I've tried each combination off offs and ons (well, there are only four!) and done a hundred or so steps for each, but it still doesn't open.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Cheaters » 2014-06-02 10:19:59

Blip, in the guise of Mr Coats, did the following two things to me:

1) Successfully robbed me for around $25,000, in a house that was not bomb-proof but was fairly complex;

2) Came into my next house, which was not nearly as strong, and died to my initial commit trap.

If he was hacking and had a full view of the maps, then:

On (a) he brought entirely the wrong tools, went a roundabout way to my vault, and made it look like he had no idea where he was going;
On (b) he was unbelievably stupid, and inexplicably died to a trap, losing his own well-built house and dropping a $10,000 bounty.

My point being: Mr Coats was not hacking on any his entries into my houses.

#7 Re: Main Forum » Mr. Coats is Dead... Oops. » 2014-05-31 06:54:24

'...some random cheap house" How very rude indeed! That pitbull was of the highest pedigree, I'll have you know.

I wasn't surprised that you sprung the commit without realising it - you were the third big bounty in 12 hours to die to it. After dropping my own big bounty on my last life by doing a naked scout that I thought was afe to escape from, I devised one that should catch other players unawares if they come poking around. Seeing you fall to it was very satisfying - not only was it a $9,800 bounty, but Mr Coats robbed my last house and killed my wife so you can imagine my glee at seeing him in death list!

I was surprised that it got you, though. I knew people would spring it without realising, but you had meat with you and could have survived. I guess it was a lapse of concentration.

Also disappointing was that I didn't have the bounty for long before someone came to get it - possibly you on an alt account? (I'm not accusing anything here - I'd have done the same anyway, the house wasn't up to holding $10,000 so if not you, someone else would have taken it before I got around to checking.)

#8 Re: Main Forum » Who all is still active » 2014-05-29 10:12:34

Mine's gone, again.

Built a mean path to the vault, but neglected to fortify the approach to it by bruteforcing around my traps and paid the price. Then died to s self-test after repairing the damage, because the fucker put one of my magic dance cats into a pit and I hadn't realised!

Start again tomorrow...

#9 Re: Main Forum » Goddammit... wife trap! » 2014-05-29 10:10:03

I think so?  Travel South to the very bottom, cat behind a door, you gotta send it ahead of you through the hot corridors?

#10 Re: Main Forum » Goddammit... wife trap! » 2014-05-28 23:35:34

Ah yeah, you are Wilburn Gabriel Burns.  Lotta burns there!

I've solved your entrance trap but it's also a commit-gate with a $2,000 escape price, so I have only gone past it with my alt,a week or so ago.

#11 Re: Main Forum » Cullman do you have another tiny tricky house up? » 2014-05-28 15:31:11

Wayne Jesse Wolf.  Haven't properly weighed the house up yet, tho.

#12 Re: Main Forum » Cullman do you have another tiny tricky house up? » 2014-05-28 14:29:03

There's another one up now, with the vault on the other side of a row of pits, and some circuitry to the South including a rotary switch... that you?

Can't begin to think it out yet, lol

#13 Re: Main Forum » Goddammit... wife trap! » 2014-05-28 14:19:57

What's your name again Puma?

I'm up and running again...

#14 Re: Main Forum » Goddammit... wife trap! » 2014-05-27 00:11:10

Yeah, that was me.

I was just probing, came in with a couple of meats to try and get a look around, realised I needed a meat for the uppermost dog in order to look around the corner. Came in, drugged it, then opened the door instead of taking one step to look over the drugged dog instead. Wasn't thinking straight - though I still don't recall seeing the wife flee in the first place!

Bit annoyed with myself, had a decent house going on! Back to square one...

#15 Main Forum » Goddammit... wife trap! » 2014-05-26 12:53:10

Replies: 17

So I just fired Mr Porter straight onto the front page by dying to his wife trap while scouting with meats.

Can't believe it, I didn't even see her in the first place, and there she was waiting for me behind the door... bollocks!

So Bancroft is dead, the Beebe's are back in the auction AGAIN, and Porter's sitting on $18 with a house that probably isn't strong enough to take it... though I might be wrong about that.

#16 Re: Main Forum » The reboot thread (cullman's proposed new version of TCD) » 2014-05-26 11:03:22

A slight spin-off suggestion from what Gyuri says there - have some houses immortalised, with no money in the vault but with a substantial prize for solving it toolless. Perhaps once a house has been uncracked for X number of days, it is saved to the server and then, when the owner eventually does die, that house is either added to the main list as a 'challenge house', or alternatively added to a separate list which is only for challenge houses. Make it a prize of, say 25% of the house's build value for solving it toolless.  Normal rules re: chills apply, and it would be an awesome challenge to solve some of the big houses toolless.  Of course you can use tools to scout it, break into combo locks etc, but you would have to map it all out for your tool-free run to get the prize.

Just a thought... I'm sure there will be a thousand good ideas coming at you already!

#17 Re: Main Forum » The reboot thread (cullman's proposed new version of TCD) » 2014-05-26 07:43:14

I don't think that changing the themes and a couple of the darker details are 'bad news', to be honest. For me, the fact that we currently kill a wife to take her money, or that it is kids that are the device needed to have a clear path to the exit, activate panic buttons etc, are immaterial. You could replace them with, I dunno, a 'home defence robot' and a couple of trained monkeys or something. Okay, perhaps that's a bit whacky, but for me as long as you have one or more devices to (a) store half your money, and (b) have the unique behaviour of going for the exit upon sight, then the game is intact.

I also love the idea of having stealable objects that that be used in game. Like paintings, in that they are finite in number and each is unique, but with the bonus that they can be used as house objects (or robbing tools that you retain after a successful robbery). Such as a can of spray paint to black out a window before you step into its visible space, for example.

Anyhow - it sounds exciting. I'd buy it. Hope it goes according to plan.

#18 Re: Main Forum » Who all is still active » 2014-05-25 22:53:12

What is the solution?  I have no idea.

Make the game £2.99 in a Steam sale. That's pocket money, people click to buy it just to try the game out.  Hundreds of new players. A lot will play it once and then not bother, some will play for a little while, some will play as long as the game is alive because they'll fall in love with it.

But this has been talked about a thousand times already, it's Jason Rohrer's little art project/experiment and keeping the game alive in the long-term isn't what he's interested in.

And to show my point:

My $2,000 house was up most of the night, and had a total of four robbers. It was worth $200 to begin with, then I found a $1,000 in an empty house so my worth was $1200 immediately.

I got one robber come in and find my wife, who I left unarmed, and he took half the money from her.  Then, nobody came. A wooden house, solvable (but you'd be lucky to do it on an untooled visit), with $600 sitting in it. No action.

Then I got one robber who came and left, one who died ($100 bounty, wooo!) then look what happened: some guy comes in and walks straight into my dog, dumping a $2,000 bounty in a $700 house, and then immediately afterwards he comes in with second account to collect the bounty money.

Now yeah, I see the argument that he's a dual, and this is why duals spoil the game.  My point is that now, unless you ARE a dual, you can't get started.

So - abusing dual accounts is unfair to single-account players, yes. But to me it's the only way to enjoy whatever time the game has left, and seeing as I paid good money for the game without realising Jason intended for it to die off pretty quickly, then I'm more bothered about getting my own value out of it than I am about being fair to single account players.



#19 Re: Main Forum » Who all is still active » 2014-05-25 11:30:33

Anyhow - I might be wrong, of course. I'm going off the amount of robbing activity I'm seeing on my main account.  I'll use my alt account to put up a reasonable $2,000 house tonight, and see how much action I get (assuming I can make one that lasts the night!)

#20 Re: Main Forum » Who all is still active » 2014-05-25 11:29:02

But when did you start your house? You've had that one for well over a week, possibly two, or more? Two weeks ago it was possible because robbers were coming and dying in houses with enough frequency to develop them properly. Now, hardly anyone is robbing the lower value houses. If you started a $2k house now, I can't imagine you would be able to develop it into anything like yours is now.  What is the build cost of your house? $70,000? $90,000? Where would that money come from if you had a $2k house now?

#21 Re: Main Forum » Who all is still active » 2014-05-25 10:33:15

I dual-account, Amatiel. Feel free to come rob - nobody's playing the game anymore, so I need the tapes to watch.

Because nobody is playing anymore, I don't think it's possible to go from $2,000 to a successful front-page house without exploiting multi-accounts. If you put up a $2,000 starter house now, even if it's super-lethal, you'll pick up maybe 6-7 dead robbers a day. 5 of them will be $100 bounties, naked scouts, and maybe you'll get a couple with a $1000 toolset. So even if nobody robs you, it'll take a week to make enough money to install a couple of powered trapdoors and some concrete walls.

That won't happen of course, because someone will come and find your safe in the meantime, and either rob you or dump their bounty in there to come and collect with an alt account. Or they will spend $6,000 on tools to come and brute force your house for $2000, because there's hardly anybody playing and those of us that are left like the fun of robbing, even if it's actually a negative return-on-investment for tools.

Multi-accounts probably drove a lot of people away, but unless you are happy to wait 24 hours just to buy a pair of powered doors, now it's the only way to grow. What kills the game more than multi-accounts is a lack of new players coming in.  The creator could change this if he wanted to by making it a pocket-money game, and there would be an influx of people trying it out, of which some would stay and some would not. He doesn't want to do this though.

Hope to see you in my house.


#22 Re: Main Forum » pruit allmost top house » 2014-05-24 15:05:02

I just got about three corridors in with my alt account.  Brought tools but didn't use them.  I might come back on my main with enough tools to go deeper, but your house is potentially expensive to guarantee a safe escape, so it might be a while!

#23 Re: Main Forum » Wooster's map - busted by Pumaroma » 2014-05-24 02:09:59

Lol... not sure what my name is now - on entering, there are two powered doors and a powered trapdoor directly ahead, and a staggered doggie corridor going North. I'm only at about $8k though.

#24 Main Forum » Wooster's map - busted by Pumaroma » 2014-05-22 13:44:17

Replies: 7

Pumaroma was the only person to get beyond the first electric corridor, I think.  Possibly another suicide scouter did it too, but can't tell if it was also him or not. A lot of people just walked right in and died on the second step - go up and the trapdoor opens, you die. Go down, and the trapdoor doesn't open - unless you do it on your tenth step.  (Or eighth - I changed it now and then.)

For anyone who's interested - and I welcome comments  here it is:


#25 Re: Main Forum » Mr Ward is dead » 2014-05-22 13:37:09

OMG, you lost it?! Goddammit!

I'll be putting a new house up over the weekend. Too tired to do it justice tonight...

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