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#1 Re: Main Forum » I quit as well & 'Multiple Accounts At Their Most Malicious' » 2014-04-26 08:11:14

This game is so skewed against new players that it seems the only way they could ever get enough cash to build a house or rob a house is to have multiple accounts.
What is the policy on this?  I am thinking of buying another account just to have a chance to build a house.... then use the other to rob and not worry so much.  It's just more money for the creator of the game and I actually think it makes it more fair as as the game stands now it's a little elite section of builders and a few newbs who have no chance suck as myself.  I actually think he should put an atm or wire transfer option into the game so you could have 'friend' accounts. Maybe only allow it if both have a house so you can't just keep suicideing foe money.

#2 Main Forum » Killing wives with the club? » 2014-04-25 20:40:06

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Does the club only kill an unarmed wife?  If she has the shotgun is she immune? I couldn't seem to do it even though she was 1 square away.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Has this game died? » 2014-04-25 17:30:06

I have had the game on for two days. I was looking for something different in multiplayer rather than the same old Wow and fps of the past ten years. This seemed really cool in the little trailers but it seems only high level people (and not that many) and not seen many mid level or new houses. Not many at all.  I love the design element but threw the computer when realizing you wipe your house if you die. This doesn't give much incentive to rob if you have spent hours building a house. There should be some mechanism to save your house / various houses and the game definitely needs more players as this does not feel 'massively multiplayer' by any means.  I like the premise a lot, but it doesn't seem to support both robbing and building as if you spent hours building you don't want to step more than two feet in some of the other houses because the owners are so ahead in game concept and you'll die and in no way want to sit their building again. Especially if there are not enough players. Perhaps it should give you 3 different characters that reincarnate so you can play each differently and have different houses. Or maybe there should be a grace period of a week for new players before the 'everything is wiped'. Then again you would need more players for that.  12 people online at a time is not fun. Big players can just continuously pick off newbs as they know everything.... this needs a new term... house griefing! As the game is I see myself being frustrated by this and passing on within a few more days.

As a side note,  Sleep is Death was brilliant... are there any more sites that support that (connecting players with controllers and hosting the flip story books?)

#4 Main Forum » Has this game died? » 2014-04-25 12:03:04

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I'm a little upset because I didn't find out about this until a few days ago and stupidly I bought it on steam instead of the author's personal site and I don't know how to check what version I have and there seems to be no instructions. 

I bought this because I was a huge fan of Sleep is Death although that game seems to have dies too without the SID servers to keep people meeting and also hosting play/story/flip books.

It seems this game barely came out and now the are not many people playing in just a few months.  I also seemed to miss a lot of things like earning while your not playing from you and your wife... blueprints.... way cheaper prices on tools.... It now seems a wasteland with only extreme impenetrable houses and then pure pieces of crap... people just killing themselves and looting again.

There has to be more to this? I shelled out the full 17 price and feel I haven't got much play.  There should be an offline mode where you can build houses or a way to save them or something....  and you NEED MORE PLAYERS!!!!!

At 2000 starting money, you can log on, and either make nothing and try your luck, or make a crap house and die in two seconds because you spent your money on your house and have no money for tools.

So what is the active player community .... how many people actively play?

Is this game dead in the water already?

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