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#1 Re: News » On Self Defense » 2013-08-18 17:39:34

This is an amazing story.  I've never thought about dogs as an actual threat, but after reading this, I can feel how incredibly oppressive living with the fear that a juiced up pitbull could attack your family.  Terrifying.

Definitely provides an interesting lens to view Castle Doctrine.

#2 Re: Main Forum » — another house editor » 2013-08-18 17:14:22

ukuko: Really awesome!  I like the menu-style dropdowns for multiple states - adds a whole new level of expressive capabilities while being really clean.. Glad to hear you dig CastleFortify!  Nice work with Castle Draft!

#3 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-07-22 11:29:56

thanks so much largestherb!  Definitely helps to have such a clear example - will give me something to test on... Not sure when I'll be able to get around to fixing it, as I'm in the process of moving between states, but will make sure it's on the list!

#4 Re: Main Forum » Minimum Price to defend the wife from $2000 in tools? » 2013-07-21 20:30:23

jere wrote:

In v10, starting cash alone buys one gun and 10 crowbars, which is is more killing power than the starting cash spent on dogs alone.

Agreed, but it's even better than that for the robber. You can sometimes replace the gun with a saw and drugged meat and come with perhaps 18 crowbars (enough to kill $3400 worth of dogs AND take out the wife).

I've tried to demonstrate that here using the wife in place of the robber and the a chihuahua in place of a sleeping dog (3 turns occur between the two states):

By the way, Castle Fortify is obviously awesome. It'd be neat if it also had a robber object and included the different states of each object (sawed, dead, etc.).

Jere - interesting idea, how do you see yourself using Castle Fortify differently if those features were added?

#5 Re: News » Version 12 Released » 2013-07-04 15:01:33

Just finished playing for a few - here's my reaction. 

Certainly a few unhappy mappers out there!  I get the impression that this latest change represents such a huge shift, that it's going to take sometime for the builders to figure out new strategies.  But I gotta say, this time around I feel more like a robber this time around than a doomed victim.  Now any trap that has puzzle elements leaks information that you can study visually.  This resulted in one of the more pleasurable robberies I've had, where I actually felt like I solved a puzzle by observing my environment carefully.  That just wasn't possible before. 

Dying also feels more like my own fault, and not being able to go back in to a house you died still feels like a fitting punishment.

K, that's all the random thoughts for now.  Really curious to see how people adapt.

#6 Re: Main Forum » A proposal about new animal movement? » 2013-07-03 15:19:14

I think it's definitely worth trying out.  Very similar to the blueprint release, it will completely change the gameplay in a way that we can't currently fathom.  But it seems to me that it will move things in a way that feel more fair for the explorer, and create more tension and surprise in general. 

Maybe it will have more of a feeling of "I am exploring an unpredictable cavern with hidden beasts" rather than "I'm inside a sadomasochistic grandfather clock". tongue

Anyways, trying it out and seeing what happens will end up a learning experience for all of us.

#7 Re: Main Forum » Expansion » 2013-07-01 12:45:00

jasonrohrer wrote:

Killing a child causes the wife to run to the child (so if you fail to protect children, the wife will become vulnerable too).  Also, any family death causes the house state to save.

Oh wow, good to see this is a feature - I noticed this during a game, and it only heightened the brutality of what the robber was doing.  She would have gotten away if not for grief..

And now a completely Random thought: what would bulldogs be like if they only became activated on sight of the robber?

#8 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-07-01 12:33:57

Ludicrosity wrote:

Thanks to you for creating this in the first place! big_smile

It works great now!

Glad you find it useful! smile

#9 Re: Main Forum » Expansion » 2013-06-30 22:45:28

Hmm.. This discussion definitely captures something interesting.  On one hand I've definitely caught myself wishing I could furnish some rooms to heighten the emotional impact of stepping into the "bedroom" of a family member, on the other hand I get that once you start going down the road of aesthetics that don't influence the core gameplay, it's starts to become kinda banal.   

What if something encouraged some kind of tradeoff.  I know the idea of putting paintings up in the house has come up before.. what if the family members "enjoyed" seeing those paintings, resulting in higher pay per hour, but more risk on a successful robbery?

This might go against the game philosophy, but another thought that popped in my head is, it would be cool if family members were programed to hit nearby switches when they see a burgler, allowing us to create traps that involve family members...

#10 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-06-30 22:27:27

Ludicrosity wrote:

That's interesting. So it does show the total cost when I build it by hand, but for some reason, it's no longer showing me the total cost when I import the code from the stdout file. It used to before the latest version? Maybe it's something on my end.

You were spot on with this.  Castle Fortify was messing up in calculating price in certain kinds of imports, all fixed now - Thanks so much for reporting it!

#11 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-06-30 12:40:17

Ludicrosity wrote:

That's interesting. So it does show the total cost when I build it by hand, but for some reason, it's no longer showing me the total cost when I import the code from the stdout file. It used to before the latest version? Maybe it's something on my end.

Hmm, I'll look into this - Thanks for the heads up!

#12 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-06-29 19:51:47

jasonrohrer wrote:

Thank you for continuing to work on this!

My pleasure! It's awesome to see people using it.

#13 Re: Main Forum » Tapes duration » 2013-06-29 19:49:58

jasonrohrer wrote:

That's sort of a distant future wish feature, though, after I get the core issues ironed out.  Noted.


#14 Re: Main Forum » Tapes duration » 2013-06-29 17:03:22

Ooh ooh and while we're on the subject of tapes, still waiting to see people's attempts played back in real time!  (i.e. the timing plays back the same as it was recorded)

#15 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-06-29 17:01:21

Version 0.6 of Castle Fortify Released!

1. Improved ease of uploading maps

Now instead of clicking "Code" you click "Import."  Since I suspect more people are interested in using this tab for importing their maps, than messing around or exporting, this makes sense.  Also added a wiki article on how to import your code from Castle Doctrine. … e-Doctrine

I'm on a Mac so the walkthrough doesn't cover PC or Linux in any detail. If you have experience with PC or Linux and want to write up a walkthrough of finding the Castle Doctrine map code, please post it here or on the wiki!  I'm sure others have questions on how to do this.

2. New, clean code structure

This is mostly for my sake, but I probably fixed some glitches along the way, and now features can be added in a more logical way than just stuffed in there. 

Alright, that's all I've got for now.  Let me know if you see any bugs - or have any great feature ideas!

#16 Main Forum » A game in multiple dimensions » 2013-06-21 13:07:17

Replies: 3

The "Changing the direction of the game" post really blew my mind.  It seems like Castle Doctrine was going really far in one direction (towards visible, but highly encrypted solutions) to a completely different direction.  And playing a bit today, I really like it.  Totally get that rogue-like feel. 

However, it also made met think, wow, what if our dimension split in two, and from now on there were two Jason Rohrers each exploring each concept to it's natural conclusion.  If that happened, and you fastforwarded in time about a year (yes, I need multi-dimensions AND time travel for this point), you'd have two completely different, yet equally deep types of game.  Yes, one would not be true to the initial idea, but it would probably be a very interesting puzzler game, with tools and tactics to support it's style.

Imagine game development looking like this in the future: From the seed of one idea,  a game splits in two, over and over again, and becomes a bunch of projects each with a different developer most excited about his or her concept, exploring to reach a very deep and very complete conclusion.

<Snap> Wait, where am I.  who are you people.

#17 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-05-26 06:38:24

@matrix you rule! Thanks for fixing that!

Oh, and also thanks to @mjbarker for finding some more issues and @matrix again for fixing them!!

#18 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-05-25 16:16:03

Version 0.4 of Castle Fortify Released!

Major Release!! Features:
1. Drag to Draw
2. New Tiles
3. New URLS

1. Drag to Draw
With Jason's latest changes to the game allowing for much more expensive houses, I decided to fast track the drag to draw feature, lest people get carpel tunnel from clicking over and over.  No more clicking for individual tiles! Thanks @mjbarker for bringing this up, and creating an issue on Github - were it not for that this is the kind of feature I may have put off for a far in the future release.

2. New Tiles
What good is a map sharing app if you can't share the maps exactly as they are?  The new tiles are in!

3. New URLs
Okay, you probably won't notice this one, but instead of URLS being they default to:
(The c is shorthand for "castles", which also works:  Underneath the surface this is a major change to the code.  I want to add an API next, so I have moved the code over to take advantage of the Slim framework and Redbean
Proper API formatting will be like this:
So I wanted the site to function similarly.  This is probably more than you wanted to know.. but basically you can sleep better knowing that the code is getting a little more structured (while maintaining simplicity) and will hopefully make it easier for other developers to get in there and see what's going on, and contribute.

Alright that's it for now - If you spot any bugs, just reply to this thread!

#19 Re: Main Forum » Replay of succusful robbery » 2013-05-24 23:43:27

jasonrohrer wrote:

Hmm.... interesting!

This wouldn't be too hard to do (record number of ms per move into the move list).

I'm guessing this would be best if it only affected the "normal speed" playback.  As soon as you hit the FASTER button, it should revert to being robotic again.  (Could just half the ms per move every time someone hits FASTER, but that would still leave some longer pauses in places.... when you're hitting FASTER, you often want to get on with it).


#20 Re: Main Forum » Replay of succusful robbery » 2013-05-24 16:55:21

I agree this is one of the best parts - and I'd really like to see a "real time" playback for that very reason. 

The tempo of someone's movements is a key insight to their emotional state. Watching some hurtle along a hallway just to stop for a few seconds once they've realized they've taken the wrong path and are now about to mauled by 4 pitbulls would be priceless! 

Right now, since all moves are the same length of time it provides a very "cold" and robotic sense of the player.  Harder to get a sense of what they're going through.

#21 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-05-18 08:19:12

@Matrix Your code is up!  Looks like it works great, thanks! 

BTW - I rewrote the the readme to include a section on contributing. (  For changes like this, it's really easy to contribute directly, just click the edit button on the file you want to change (in this case index.php), and then save.  Easy as wikipedia!

Of course this is totally about whatever is easy for you - contributions on the forum are awesome too!

#22 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-05-18 07:37:17

dalleck wrote:

Great work segarch!  Imports flawlessly now.


Matrix wrote:

You can still do this with a really small change to your style definitions. Works on all decent browsers... so yeah that might exclude IE 7/8, but since your page is written with modern browsers in mind, I don't think that's an issue at all wink

Sweet! Thanks for doing the legwork on this one!  I'll test it out and get it up soon.

#23 Re: Main Forum » Family psychology » 2013-05-18 07:35:02

Yeah there's definitely something about building a sense of morality (or a sense of violating morality) into the game. At the moment, the wife character is basically an easily accessible vault from the perspective of the intruder, and from the perspective of the house builder the wife is a vulnerability that is impossible to protect - the sooner she's gone, the better.  And the kids just make the system more vulnerable to brute force attacks, so the sooner they're gone the better.

Right now the story - one about a family - is not present in the gameplay, where family members are more of a liability and provide no benefit.

#24 Re: Main Forum » CastleFortify: Save and share your designs » 2013-05-17 15:47:53

Version 0.2 of Castle Fortify released! 

In this version I've added the Native Castle Doctrine format to the code section.  Very excited about this release, because the goal from day one has been making the transition between CastleFortify and Castle Doctrine (And any other custom apps) as seamless as possible, and supporting the native Castle Doctrine format is a huge step in that domain. Superusers who once had to convert between CastleDoctrine to CastleFortify can now cut and paste!

Thanks so much to @Zegnat, for suggesting this feature and @Zegnat @dalleck @mjbarker for helping me navigate the tricky technical terrain! And thanks to everyone who's currently using CastleFortify to share designs - keep those suggestions coming!

Post any issues on the forum or (if you wanna be all geek about it) here:

#25 Re: Main Forum » An alternative to maps » 2013-05-17 14:23:51

This casing idea sounds awesome.  Imagine spending a week casing a house, biding your time for the perfect break in.. 

This kind of break up of the timing is actually interesting in general.. what other tools could have an incremental effect over time?  Maybe something where you can tunnel in from any wall, but only tunnel one tile at a time?

Although yeah, it would have to not come off as "grindy".

Re: connecting with castlefortify:
Just about to release a new update that allows you to import and export maps from the native format of Castle Doctrine.  After that, I will begin work on an API that allows you to interact with the castle fortify data from other applications, getting maps, posting up maps etc. - all in whatever format you desire (CastleDoctrineNative, json, custom text). Really curious to see what is possible once the site is FULLY open like that.. would be cool to see a map from Castle Doctrine be imported and end up in a 3d environment somewhere.

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