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#1 2014-03-16 09:00:10

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icon carpets

Ok, the issue about players communication has been addressed a lot but...

i've made a new house and you can choose between North path or South path. The northern one it's clock based, the southern it's dog/magic dance. I was thinking about an idea to tell the robbers what they were going to choose (ticking light north, glass caged chihuahuas south) and then i thought...

how about "Icon Tiles" ?

maybe it has been discussed before, we may have a sub menu to apply a sort of carpet on the empty floor, to leave messages trough the house.

Something like:

Arrows with different colors to suggest/discourage to take a certain path, Animal icons, Stop Signs, Danger Signs, Numbered tiles (No letters or else we will have tons of swearing carpets big_smile ), and other random stuff such as colors, Thumbs up/down (i'd like to compliment someone for getting so deep in my house), and so on.

I really think a bit of communication between owners/robbers will add great depth to the game, it's something i miss since the first day.

let me know what you think

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