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#1 2014-04-15 09:16:56

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House criticism
I was wondering what you guys think about my latest house. I had around $1500 and was planning on adding more protection to my wife and than a magic dance after where the vault is, but I died leaving over $5000 bounty in Connells house because of a mis click.


#2 2014-04-15 10:01:31

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Re: House criticism

That would be the first scout information without getting in danger.

None would touch you for that amount of money. 2k robber can be really lucky and could scout the rest of your house, the only thing that would hold them off would only the last defense trap.

Corner-traps are costefficient, but your other traps take way to much space. Instead of using the money for a commit gate that early. You should use that pit for a better trap and add this later. Commits are mostly good to scare robbers who want to survive. In your last defense trap, there could be more buttons(not sticky, more guess), and put your final entrance more in the middle of the guess(For a lategame disadvantage(Electricwall weakness).

Otherwise, your wifedefense could be better in the future, otherwise there will be a bad space use to need of pistole/club ratio. Why not put the magic dance earlier, to hold of possible scouting? The first cat "trap" seems useless, will there be a future trap near the vault? Beware of robbers who try to saw to your vault. It is better to hold your electronics small as possible and cut them off of each trapsection.

Think of a 3 step goal

1. Scare robbers off until you get enough money to advance to step 2
2. Be 2k safe
3. Be serious robber safe


#3 2014-04-15 10:04:20

tigerbalm immunity
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Re: House criticism

i remember this house.  there wasn't enough money in it to warrant a serious look-see but i do have a few notes for you.  The cat in the opening electric floor trap directly above the front door is visible so it is unlikely anyone will try this route.  even if the cat were not visible, though, both the top and bottom opening electric floor options look like traps to most robbers and they will check the other routes first.  The cat behind the doors that are straight ahead is a good idea in principle as it leads one to assume that they wanted to go up and as it leaves a safe exit they have the option to leave and come back and try the up path (which will kill anyone without cutter or saw plus h2o's.) The problems with this are 1. starter kit robbers would rather try to use the tools they have than abandon them and return empty handed on a hunch and 2 the path that the decoy cat lights up is easily investigated with 4 waters and the path on the left investigated for one more water.  this leaves only the dog-pit commit path.  there is only one dog and he is easy enough to find, and a starter kit robber who has nothing to lose will try this path. this commits him to your safe room where if he opens the first of only two doors and presses the button, he can't lose.  If he does not press the button before looking at the cat, one brick will keep him safe and at your vault. 

The opening of your house has some clever misdirections (and some not so clever ones), but cheap tools will illuminate the correct path. 

your wife could definitely use more protection, but if your value is low, when people see one dog they assume there may be more and usually a shotgun as well, and therefore will not return with a wife kill kit until it is likely to be worth it, i.e. when the house is worth 10K+.

thanks for the share smile

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#4 2014-04-15 10:04:36

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Re: House criticism

The two side bits at the start may be mistaken for the trap where you see a pitbull and it cuts you off from the exit. Could be good if you just want to scare people off, but bad if you want a bounty.

You can get to your wife fairly easily, although you'd only make a marginal profit.

For the upper trap cat I'd recommend putting a few more windows between it and the robber. It's an effective trap, but two bricks could get you out.

The end trap is a pretty neat idea, especially since you've already got them stuck in there. The steel around one door only might give away that it has the vault though.

Overall it would likely be good enough to kill suicide runners, and low enough in value to avoid any serious robbers.

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#5 2014-04-15 10:18:45

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Re: House criticism

Along with what everyone else is saying - the dog in the middle of the looping hallway is a pretty big liability.  First of all, it's an odd number of steps away when you turn the corner, letting people get by it with a club.  I'm guessing you did that to not let them use it for the leap of faith, but even that doesn't work - if they back up the hallway immediately, they'll get the dog stuck behind the wall.  When they move foward a step, the dog will be 2 steps behind, letting them pass through the leap of faith without taking the risk of peeking in an electric floor hallway.

Other minor details-
1) Your wife is really insecure.  You can club the first dog, brick the window and drug the second dog, and then the wife is defenseless.  You usually want to have a shotgun for the wife before a second dog, so that you *know* they will need a gun to shoot her.  If you do, be sure to make the walls thicker, or else a robber can just saw to her and beat her to the gun.
2) For the upper cat surprise, I'd place one more electric floor at the bottom.  Right now, you can brick the door from the last electric floor, still being able to step off if it's a trap.  1 more electric floor will force them to use wire cutters to check it safely.
3) Your last trap can be defeated with a brick- I'd space the cat further back so that the robber can't brick the cat when he opens the door.

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