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#1 2014-04-15 17:41:16

Killer Mosquito
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Feedback Please

Hello all smile

Could I please get some feedback on this house?  Do you think it's a decent house?  What do you think could have improved it, or would you have gone with a different design altogether?

Map Feedback

Unknown.... thanks Blip
Unknown again because I thought I'd go on a no-tool revenge run on Blip.  Silly me........
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#2 2014-04-15 18:31:37

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Re: Feedback Please

The unlimited funded robber experience:
Skip past the initial free and low investment scouting (a few meats/wire cutters).

I like to see how far saws can take me first (I gotta use the gifts i've been given). I think 15 saws is a good investment if the place has a big enough value. (this is in addition to meat/water/bricks/1gun).

I'd probably saw behind that windows cat first since it's cheaper than wire-cutting the path after the leap of faith. I'd travel southeast and see your combo lock. Which I would check being only one deep (this is telling me the vault isn't in the corner). Saw the to keep the power door open and brick the two wooden doors to see the path turn north. Back to the pulse room and saw north. I'd ignore the west corner since you can't walk there. Then I would saw north above the powerdoor button because I'm not planning on crossing the trap doors. I wouldn't get that far before running out of saws (15).

Next run, I'd probably continue the saws run since the house has proven vulnerable. And bring maybe 3 ladders for a hopeful final run. You need 2 ladders and a bunch of saws to break a bunch of trapdoors next to each other. 1 more just in case.
Out of the steal path and the concrete one, I'd check the concrete one first since your concrete is built in a curve. It's natural for people to want to put the vault further away than closer on a path.

After luckily choosing the correct left path to the vault, I'd come back to kill your family since it appears you only have limited space for them in that corner. it might wrap around next to the vault, but the way you have it setup with the cat in front means I don't need guns, only clubs and a couple dozen clubs may be worth it to go check it out. (you actually only need 19 clubs + 1 brick + 1 gun, for wife only).

overall cost (i don't consider bricks, meat, water costs. saws, wire cutters, clubs are half value)
Scouting trips, 2 wire cutters (one for dog start, the other for the cat window). = $400
1st trip, 15 saws + 1 gun = $3000 + $1200 = $4200
2nd trip, 30 saws + 3 ladders + 1 gun + 1 explosive + 1 crowbar = $6000 + $1200 + $1200 + $2400 = $10800
Wife trip, 30 clubs + 3 guns = $3000 + $3600 = $6600.

So safe high budget brute force = $400 + $4200 + $10800 + $6600
$22k to wipe you clean. Staying alive and robbing is expensive.

The limited funded scout with unlimited lives:
Probably wouldn't put too much investment after the plethora of electronics I may not be able to check, near the first button. I'd probably try three times, once with the button on, button off, button on then off. But I'd probably look for an easier house because it will take a lot of tries.

All that being said, I'm sure you can come up with ways to stop a like minded robbers. smile

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#3 2014-04-15 18:33:29

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Re: Feedback Please

This house killed me more times then I can count.  Was amazing at that.  I think I made it to your combo one time and raged. when #2 and #3 didn't work.  I love the misdirection at the end with the dog LoF traps.

The wife seems vulnerable once you get enough money.  16 clubs, 1 brick, 2 drugged meat and a gun would kill her and get you back out safely.  Granted, the safer you keep her, the more space it takes up so I think you have it as good as you can with as little space.

Side note:  I could never figure out that button... now I see how it works and I love it's simplicity.

Random afterthough:  The wired wall next to the electric grid on the misdirection pits look suspicious enough to possibly test before you bring the dog, which would give them away as being traps.


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