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#1 2014-04-26 12:38:20

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How To Find Your Name

Finding out your name is fairly easy if you have more than one account or a friend to check for you. If you don't though, you'll need some help. I just wanted a thread where people could post their entrance and possibly have someone identify them.

I would prefer that this thread not get spammed with too much chatter.


Request Format

1) Date
2) Entrance
3) House Value
4) Kill Count
5) Paintings

Date - just note down the current Date, and possibly time

Screenshot - enter self test by clicking on your vault then putting it back. click done and you should be in self test. While you are standing on the welcome mat press = on your keyboard, then leave and undo the changes (so you don't have to do a vault test). This will create a screenshot in your Screenshot folder.
For steam users, this folder will be a place like - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\CastleDoctrine
The file with be a .tga file. You will need to open this in an image editor and save it as a jpeg. You can use Photoshop, or GIMP or any major image editor.
Upload this img using
Then copy the BBCode


and put it in your post.

House Value - this is the resale value of your tools + your balance. In your backpack, change to Sell Mode and hover your mouse over the Sell All button. This will give you the total value of your tools. If you don't want to add like me, just click Sell All, note your increased balance, then click Undo.

Kill Count - Check this by looking at your security tapes. On the last tape, the red number tells you how many kills before that visit. If someone died on the last visit, just add 1 to the red number to get your Kill Count.

Paintings - The title and author of the first painting. This makes it very easy to confirm your house.



If you see this person's house, you can respond with what their name may possibly be. Make sure we know what post you are responding to.

If you are receiving a response to your request, please double check if you can see that name in your house list. If you can, then it isn't you (since you can't see your own name). Let them know if they are incorrect.



1) Date - 2014.04.26 12:36 PST
2) Entrance
3) House Value - $58690
4) Kill Count - 60
5) Paintings - Dermatillomanian Seduction

Edit: Changed Subject from What's My Name? to How To Find Your Name.

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