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#1 2014-05-23 17:08:37

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Who was Ronald John Smith?

After being fairly familiar with the Ronald John Smith house for the past few weeks I decided to take another crack at his house today. To my surprise I walked in to find the combo lock and doggie dance gone Replaced with orange lights spelling FREE with cats,chihuahuas every where. Also a giant row pitbulls protected by glasss. I decided to follow the line of lights around the back side and found power doors with orange lights next to all of them except 1 green. I stepped on a toggle switch and found the vault. My guess is the owner grew bored of no one getting past his entrance or is quitting the game.

The next thing I found utterly surprising after building my house with this free 40k, was to find a death in my house yielding a bounty of 17k. Who could it be, none other than Ronald John Smith.

So I wonder who is this Mr. Smith?


#2 2014-05-23 22:41:27

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Re: Who was Ronald John Smith?

Would also like to know and hear about the house. Was just starting to scout the place and figured out the dog start, however I couldn't get past the northern powered door behind the dog. I think the southern cat had to do something with it. Cutting into the combo lock only showed it just turned power on and off.

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