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#1 2014-01-29 03:09:11

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[Sprite edits] Fancy a change of clothes?

good day! in the past people have asked, why can't i be the lady? and a fairly long time ago i did some minor sprite switching and tweaking and ever since then i have been running around robbing people in a dress.

with the launch of the game on steam today it seemed like a good idea to revisit my idea a little, add some variety and then share it with the community!


included are four variations of player and partner sprites, as seen above:

  • masculine player with masculine partner

  • feminine player with feminine partner

  • feminine player with masculine partner

  • masculine player with feminine partner

now whether you want to see these sprite changes as gender role reversal and same gender couples, or simply a ground breaking '91 man who isn't ashamed to go out robbing houses in a dress, despite what the neighbours might whisper, or any other variation of whatever you want to imagine is completely up to you. go nuts!

oh, i should put a download link around here somewhere! … prites.rar ~ (virus scan)

installation is simply a case of extracting whichever sprite set .rar file into your main castle doctrine directory* and overwriting the files when prompted.

*quick more helpful people, chip in and explain how people who might not know how to do this! i have steam installing into a custom place and have always extracted tcd to my own games folder manually sad


#2 2014-01-30 12:52:54

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Re: [Sprite edits] Fancy a change of clothes?

Unfortunately I don't think the other players actually see your changed sprites (since it's just a client side mod), but I am amused by the idea of robbing people in a dress. Now just make it Victorian and add a fancy umbrella. tongue

"It's 1891 and things are bad..."

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#3 2014-01-30 13:05:09

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Re: [Sprite edits] Fancy a change of clothes?

Great stuff!


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