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#1 2014-02-08 21:20:10

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Wall thickness

I don't know if this a big deal, or if anyone else really cares about it, but I dislike people being able to tell how thick a wall is by looking at one side of it. To combat this I tried using two different materials (steel and wood) in an alternating checkerboard pattern but a robber can still see where a wall is only one thick by seeing a faint light on the other side.

Does anyone else find this annoying/have a work around?


#2 2014-02-08 23:05:17

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Re: Wall thickness

I actually like it like this.  It gives the robber an advantage (and simply more strategy) by letting him know where potential weakpoints are.  At the same time, it lets builders either remove that advantage (2 thick walls) or use it to trick the robber into digging somewhere (like using alternating materials, or putting a dog somewhere).

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#3 2014-02-09 06:16:50

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Re: Wall thickness

iceman wrote:

putting a dog somewhere

Of all the traps I think dog-in-the-wall is one of the more satisfying ones. 

"Yeah, that's right Mr. Robber... I knew you were going to saw there"


#4 2014-02-09 06:35:29

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Re: Wall thickness

Yeah being careless and letting a dog hiding in a wall eat me as I bash through someone's wiring is probably at the top of my list of how I meet my end.


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