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#1 Re: Main Forum » ideas for new objects (feel free to add your own ideas) » 2013-04-15 10:00:53

Matrix wrote:
DrNoid wrote:

A lock-box - The lock-box is a small version of the vault and has 5% of the money/items of the house in it, and 1 random painting from the archive if the house owner has more than 4. The robber has to choose which to open, the lock-box or the vault. Opening the lock-box does reset the house (unlike opening the vault) and you can watch the tape.

* You can make a trap with two levels of deviousness. After solving part 1, they can choose to take the 5% and live, or attempt to reach the real vault and probably die wink.
* If someone robs your vault, at least you have the money in the lock-box left.

I like the options that this would add to the game.

I like the idea too.  But how about having a decoy safe?  Potentially leading the burglar down the wrong path to be rewarded with nothing.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Idea : Anti Magic Dance » 2013-04-15 09:58:48

In addition.

What about a decoy?  Animals heading in the direction of the decoy in preference to yourself?  Surely a pit bull is just as likely to be drugged by a steak instead of eating you, as it is likely to move towards the steak instead of moving towards you.

#3 Main Forum » Idea : Anti Magic Dance » 2013-04-15 09:56:37

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I like the idea of the animals following your movement.  It's useful.  But even a bloodhound wouldn't have any idea whether I stepped one metre in one direction or another if we were each the other side of a building.  Therefore I propose that the 'smell' distance of a dog is limited to say 4 spaces.  This would reduce the amount of 'magic dancing' because the animal triggering the switches would need to be a lot closer and not on the opposite side of the map and out-of-sight.


#4 Re: Main Forum » ideas for new objects (feel free to add your own ideas) » 2013-04-15 09:49:32

What about some items being 'pickupable', such as the ladder, and voltage meter.  With two ladders you could then walk along as many pits as you like by picking up the one behind you to place it in front.

#5 Main Forum » Idea. 3 items that should be introduced » 2013-04-14 23:10:31

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There are a number of houses that are near impossible to break into, but shouldn't be if the robber had some additional items and more importantly those that he had were more useful.  I believe with time and some thinking you could break into many of these houses with;

  1. Wire.  - A piece of wire that the robber could lay down and create a connection between two points.

  2. Cutters.   - Could they be used to cut the connections to an electrified floor, or a pit, and switches?

  3. Voltage meter.   - This should be able to measure the voltage of walls as well as the floor wiring.  It's currently a real limitation of studying a circuit when the switches are next to a wall.


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