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#1 Re: Main Forum » Simultaneous buttons and unstable buttons » 2014-02-15 04:55:20

ukuko wrote:

In the above design both the buttons have to be pressed at the same time to power the circuit.

It's exactly what I wanted smile

OK. I didn't expect to have to use the pulse generator but it makes senses now.

Josh: Yeah, using Ukuko design have the same effect actually (that's why I told about the 2 ideas in my topic wink)

Thanks to all of you, I gonna experiment new design with that smile

#2 Main Forum » Simultaneous buttons and unstable buttons » 2014-02-14 16:33:32

Replies: 8

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to figure out something, but I don't know if they are even remotely doable:

- 2 buttons that needs to be pressed simultaneously (by a dog) in order to power something
- 1 button (I guess it would need other buttons around) where you need to stand in order to power something

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


#3 Re: Main Forum » [Bug?] v32 list starts you at houses worth $0? » 2014-02-14 11:31:52

And after the first time, it leave you where you were in the list i think

#4 Re: Main Forum » [Bug?] v32 list starts you at houses worth $0? » 2014-02-14 11:27:31

I think you start at your own value actually...

Kind of push new player to play in "their league" wink

#5 Re: Main Forum » So how do you start ? » 2014-02-13 05:26:25


I'm usually start a ~1000$ house, fairly intimidating/dangerous (Can't stand for a night, but work OK when I update a bit during the day with misleading clues).

Then I go scouting 9000$ houses (I take every note on CastleDraft and leave as soon as I reach a no-return point). I usually do that 2-3 times, with good tools for going a bit further everytime, if the design interest me.
Until I get to the vault.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Server Help! :) » 2014-02-12 05:37:22

So, after some debugging, it seems that the ticket_id i send, which is mashed up with other infos and hashed, doesn't match the hmac sent by the game.

[user_id = 1] Transaction denied for user_id 1, hmac check failed
correct_ticket_hmac : a4b88612e765aa0b779b06d26af067a9adbc37b7
sequence_number : 0
cd_ticketHashVersion : 30
sharedClientSecret : The long line Jason has put as a secret.  --Jason
ticket_hmac : 0FF80CA0A11430CE731CB48317B5B4FA8314E8CD

Either my sharedClientSecret is false, either the other infos (the sequence_number, the ticketHashVersion) mess up with the hashed string...

I'm a bit confused :s

#7 Re: Main Forum » Server Help! :) » 2014-02-12 04:38:59

I tried from the beginning once again, still doesn't work.
"Login Failed", the house is created on the server even though and the logs says :


2014-02-12 12:34:26:
[user_id = 1] Transaction denied for user_id 1, hmac check failed
2014-02-12 12:34:26:
[user_id = 1] Transaction denied with the following get/post data:  action=check_hmac&user_id=1&sequence_number=0&ticket_hmac=246C65E8D537472204C3BFB3F45E7AA67299499B

Ticket Server :

2014-02-12 12:29:34:
Ticket NFWHW-B7WTQ-MPXN4-9K74J created by 109.*.*.*
2014-02-12 12:29:20:
Ticket sale security check failed, from 109.*.*.*, data = "abc", hash = "4a6d6cd6e897ae77bb357dd68f39cee3",looking for hash = "ffd5ec8d71cfffab9197d56faad2b74f",(data hashed = "abcsecret A")

Note: I used the default secrets and hash and i changed the sharedClientSecret accordingly to the howto file.

#8 Re: Main Forum » Server with "small puzzles" ? » 2014-02-12 03:44:13

largestherb wrote:
comg wrote:

- Smaller map (13x13 sounds good)
- Adding rotated objects (since we'd have less room for building)

or leave the map the same size so you don't have to add the rotating objects?


why set a cool limit and then undo the biggest role that limit has

For the beauty of design smile (And the inherent reduced cost)

#9 Re: Main Forum » Server Help! :) » 2014-02-11 04:30:25

The server's not mine, I can't give you an access :S

The log says:
2014-02-10 16:08:41:
[user_id = 1] Transaction denied for user_id 1, hmac check failed
2014-02-10 16:08:41:
[user_id = 1] Transaction denied with the following get/post data:  action=check_hmac&user_id=1&sequence_number=0&ticket_hmac=7D9DF8709AA10FE7E89C055325685F67293BA3D4

#10 Re: Main Forum » Server Help! :) » 2014-02-10 09:05:56

I did that before but doesn't change anything.
So this time i left all the secret (except the client shared) to their default value.

#11 Re: Main Forum » Server Help! :) » 2014-02-10 08:22:49

Hi there,

I have a similar issue with setting up my server. After few tests, i decided to go with minimum changes.

Now, my ticketServer is OK, the server looks OK and the reflector is set.
But, when I try to connect, i get a "Login Failed" error.

I double checked the sharedClientSecret is OK. (So i should't have to rebuild the game, right ?)

After the login fail, i can see that the house has been created though... (on the server admin page)

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,


#12 Re: Main Forum » Server with "small puzzles" ? » 2014-02-09 15:00:13

Hello everyone!

Don't add me, write me, I'll let you know if i get a server running ^^

This weekend I just checked with a friend who has a server, and I might try to do something. But i'm no modder nor expert coder, so i'll see what i can do and will share with you.

@Jason : I mean limiting money for building (ie. I have 20000$ but i can use only 3000$ in my house, in total). I guess that's a bit more coding smile

So, guys, what should have this mod, I'd like your input on this.
I'm thinking about:

- Smaller map (13x13 sounds good)
- Limited budget for building (2000$)
- Adding rotated objects (since we'd have less room for building)
- Limited number of tools for robbery (1-3 of each)

What's your feeling Jason about this? Do you think it does fit your idea of the game?

#13 Main Forum » Server with "small puzzles" ? » 2014-02-06 07:29:52

Replies: 13

Hi there!

I played the game for the last few days and I really enjoy it!

But, I like creating small designs: They are way to easy to brute force. And if they look scary, nobody go further than the 3rd tile...
I like solving elegant problems: There are only big intricated labyrinths out there. You can't rob anything without a sh*tload of money... Or a lot of luck!

The game is awesome and I'm thinking on setting up a server with custom rules for my friends and I, but I was wondering if someone already had a server with these kind of rules:
- Limited money for building (You can do a lot with 3000) + limited items
- Limited tools for robbing (3 of each?)
I'd love to play with players who have the same interest smile

Thanks in advance, and good luck to all of you big_smile


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