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#1 Re: Main Forum » 72 active players » 2017-11-15 07:01:25

Wow, I'd given up hope of the game reviving.
Back in Feb 2015 we might have had that many players log in, but I don't think we had near that many houses.
I was attracted back to TCD by the first email Jason sent, on the chill timer, and have been playing since. It's still addictive even with only a few houses

Cordial Minuet badly needs a discord server, it's currently unplayable without arranging games. The other webchat we had was pretty bad and you had to keep a tab open, while discord has achieved critical mass to avoid that.

#2 Re: Main Forum » start playing... 4 days later, my house is the 3rd biggest score... » 2015-05-27 04:53:23

Hah, I would consider 20 houses pretty good improvement. And I've seen paintings go as low as 1 dollar (late last year I think). My point is, this game isn't becoming less popular, but more.

#3 Re: Main Forum » You lot still alive? » 2015-05-27 04:46:41

Hey guys. Haven't played or even read these forums for months, except for once. Guess I should try to log in every so now and then just to act as fodder. Haven't looked into the community server. Still had some patches for the game client (import/export house design) I wanted to release.

EDIT: Oh turns out Frosty implemented it himself, server-side? But I guess that doesn't apply to the official server, so might still be some value in it. Especially if you want to design the map in castledraft

#4 Re: Main Forum » huh so how do bounties work again? » 2015-03-05 02:40:32

Well surely you've heard the sirens (one minute before the deadline). It's been a while since I have (not an active player), so can't actually remember.

#5 Re: Main Forum » huh so how do bounties work again? » 2015-03-04 02:38:29

That post is out of date with regard to the chill time. Also, isn't the max robbery time 10 min? But the bounty stuff is correct.
Also, it's possible for people to have weird bounty amounts on their heads if they haven't died since the bounty server settings were last changed.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Terminal Heist Update » 2015-01-18 11:30:07

Some of the ideas we have had is paying a small one time fee for the ability to delist your house for like a few hours.  The reality is cheaters are doing this anyway with macros, plus I hope there might be broader appeal to the game if you had the ability to put your house on hold in mid design - it was hard for me to play this game well with a family and a job.

That's the first time I hear of people cheating in that way.
I would definitely pay for that privilege. It really sucks to have to run back to your computer every 5 min while cooking dinner.

I found having to manually shift parts of the map over one or two tiles frustrating.

Limited lives for free and unlimited lives for $X is basically the same as a try-before-you-buy. So that's perfectly legitimate.

But here's an idea: after your limited lives run out, allow people to still build houses (or bases or whatever you call them in TH), but not to rob other people. Then some fraction of people (say, kids without credit cards) will continue to play (which is clearly great for everyone else) yet I can't imagine this free option dissuading many from paying for the unlimited lives if it's not too expensive.

Edit: I will definitely be happy if there are improvements to the wife and kids part of the game. They way they work in TCD is just for thematic purposes, but as you've changed the theme it doesn't make sense to keep all those gameplay hindering constraints.

#7 Re: Main Forum » Terminal Heist Update » 2015-01-15 06:50:20

Oh, cool.

Any hint what will be added as a result? What's the benefit of rewriting the server?

#8 Re: Main Forum » A fun thing im demonstrating in my new house. » 2015-01-15 06:48:47

Ah. Honestly, I don't understand that one; must have forgotten part of the ruleset.

Yes, I can see that the fixed number of steps was patched, but it's not clear that wireless electronics are now impossible by making use of the fact that the calculation stops once the state repeats, which is a variable number of steps. Which seems to imply that disconnected circuits can influence one another.

#9 Re: Main Forum » death order? » 2015-01-15 06:35:10

Powered blinds are listed as a new object in the FT changelog. I never played it and it's too bad there's no server up; wonder if I should do so (on a friend's server tongue)

cullman, I'm curious to know whether TH is going to preserve all of the intricate rules for pet movement, electronics, turn orders, etc, from TCD. True, it took a long time to make them "non-exploitable". But you won't get "exploited" only if you're an advanced player who knows all the rules. My instinct is that while keeping some of that stuff (pet movement) is mandatory, it's bad design to have people making traps using arcane game internals rather than explicitly explained game objects that more players will be able and willing to understand.

#10 Re: Main Forum » A fun thing im demonstrating in my new house. » 2015-01-15 06:23:04

Oh wow! I never knew about those old threads. I was reading the detailed rules for electronics on the wiki and believed that as described they allow wireless communication, but I never tested it. The "Wireless transmission and Step-limit exploits" thread is pretty long, so I'm not clear on whether my idea is still possible or that the wiki information is outdated.

I didn't try your house but I'll have a look later if it's still there.

#11 Re: Main Forum » Wow a lot has changed! » 2015-01-08 03:39:51

The main (or even only -- the last version was released in March) change is that the chill time is now 2 hours rather than 24 hours. So you can try to break into a house 12 times as frequently, meaning 20 houses isn't as few as you might think.

#12 Re: Main Forum » Wow a lot has changed! » 2015-01-07 05:22:01

Why, have you lost the email with the download link?

#13 Re: Main Forum » Wilbur Steven Wallace » 2015-01-05 05:03:12

Honestly, it's not that different from using 8K of tools (to be fair: over multiple runs) to rob 3K worth, which you are rather infamous for!

#14 Re: Main Forum » Wow a lot has changed! » 2015-01-05 05:00:36

Hiya. 6 homes? There are 22 up at the moment. The decline in number of players has halted (or at least, there are more people playing at this time of year); I think the fewest houses I ever saw was 4-5, and that was a few months ago.

#15 Re: Main Forum » The Fortress of Mr. Corey Phillip Smith » 2014-12-30 00:47:14

Alas! It was exactly the end that everyone expected!

Did anyone try tunneling straight to the bottom right and miss the vault? What route did the successful brute force attempts take?

#16 Re: Main Forum » Did someone rob Milo's estate? » 2014-12-23 01:31:25

Wow. That looks like it was a nearly toolless run?

Looks like Passive never found the time to upgrade the house

#17 Re: Main Forum » The Fortress of Mr. Corey Phillip Smith » 2014-12-18 00:17:50

Genius! I actually had a look at the server code, and it turns out that the booty all gets put in $carried_vault_contents, etc. I wasn't expecting that, as the tools you put into a backpack and take out of your house mysteriously don't have the same protection...


(Still planning to post an enhanced game client. It was delayed because I realised that Import Map function could be used to cheat in subtle ways, which I need to prevent first)

#18 Re: Main Forum » Anyone using Debian? » 2014-12-17 23:53:03

Ah, great.

I don't know what would be a good way to learn basics. I just read about topics as I need to. Generally the trick to solving any problem to first obtain an error message, and then google that. Despite years of dealing with them, I still know nothing about 90% of the problems I encounter. A lot of programs will print error messages if run from a terminal which are completely invisible otherwise, so that's always the first thing to try. Also, sometimes when an application crashes it won't actually print a message like "Segmentation Fault" but will appear to simply exit, and you'd need to run under gdb to discover that it's crashing. It's often possible to do some more advanced poking around with gdb to get clues about why something is crashing (eg, somewhere in a function that looks like it's doing window initialisation). There are also system message logs but those will generally only contain messages useful for debugging hardware, filesystems, etc, not normal applications. (In this case though there probably would have been messages about your graphics driver)

#19 Re: Main Forum » Im a jerk... » 2014-12-17 04:50:39

IT would descend into a free for all, everyone robbing each other without scruples, if you couldn't take revenge for misdeeds.

#20 Re: Main Forum » Anyone using Debian? » 2014-12-17 04:47:20

I was hoping that ldd would show that something was wrong, but no such deal.

Does it just cleanly exit when you run it? What if you run it under gdb? Run "gdb CastleDoctorineApp" and then enter "r" at the prompt to start it and see what happens.

#21 Re: Main Forum » The Fortress of Mr. Corey Phillip Smith » 2014-12-17 04:43:26

Wow, I don't pay attention for a few days, and both eppfel and matthias are downed! Congratulations on your victorys

But I thought that there wasn't any way to keep an account/house with money in it permanently off the neighbourhood list?

And no, I don't currently have a house up. Too busy.

#22 Re: Main Forum » Anyone using Debian? » 2014-12-13 18:33:36

I doubt very much that that warning message has anything to do with the problem. I get it for other programs. TCD isn't even a Qt application.

Is that the only thing printed to the console when you try to run it? Last update of what, TCD or your system? Either way, a shared library problem sounds far more likely to me. What does "ldd CastleDoctorineApp" print?

#23 Re: Main Forum » Interesting little toy/tool » 2014-11-29 06:15:14

I've been thinking about also adding a "simulate/test" option to my enhanced version of the client... but that seems like it might be going too far towards helping people avoid permadeath!

#24 Re: Main Forum » so happy =D and hungry » 2014-11-29 06:12:49

Wow, so you bought all the most expensive art?

Oh, so Passive is Walker. I liked your house. Seems really insecure, though it did trick me once. Did you purposefully not use sticky switches everywhere so that people wouldn't destroy all the power supplies?

A fun house doesn't necessarily have to be easy to solve. I like seeing novel traps which can actually be solved without brute forcing but with a lot of reasoning (sadly my current house certainly does not fall in this category).

#25 Re: Main Forum » so happy =D and hungry » 2014-11-28 05:06:36

I try sometimes, but with only 2K scouts I've only worked out how to get to the 4th grill tongue. Time for a crowbar.

Didn't you say that much earlier some people worked out the first trap?

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