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Return from GDC
by jasonrohrerTuesday, April 2, 2013 [8:10 pm]

After a long and busy trip to San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference, I'm back home and working on The Castle Doctrine again.

I had a huge backlog of Castle Doctrine emails before leaving for the conference (300), but I'm making progress. I will write back to everyone soon.

In the mean time, I've set up forums and a wiki.

And, in setting up the forum software, which recommended an InnoDB database engine, I realized that my MySQL server installation had InnoDB disabled. Which means that all of the locks in my code (which prevent two players from checking out the same house simultaneously, among other things) were simply not working. Thus, there were a number of mysterious bugs happening on the server over the past few weeks that should have been prevented by locks (but weren't being prevented). Great that MySQL lets you request an InnoDB table, and silently creates a MyISAM one without warning you! On my test machine at home, InnoDB was enabled, and that's where I originally tested all my server code to make sure two players couldn't access the same house at the same time.

I've turned on InnoDB on the main server, and upgraded all the necessary tables to that engine. So, the mystery server bugs (like, robbing a house, but failing to complete the robbery at the end) should mostly be gone now. BUT, now that the database is supporting real locks, there are a few deadlocks happening, which results in unexpected responses from the server. If this happens to you, please quit immediately and email me your last recordedGame file.