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Version 19 Released
by jasonrohrerTuesday, October 15, 2013 [7:15 pm]

Along with several small fixes, version 19 changes the game in two major ways.

First, regular salary payments have been turned off and replaced with bounties that are earned when a robber dies in your house. The point of this change is to discourage salary grinding from inside a scary or impenetrable fortress and encourage more psychological and varied house design. The hope is that the "optimal house" is now the house that tricks the most people, which means that the optimal will forever be changing (a given trick only works a few times before you have to move onto something else).

Second, family defense has been made more interesting through the addition of a shotgun that can be placed for and picked up by the wife as she makes her escape. After she picks up the shotgun, she becomes a deadly close-range threat to the robber. Of course, she can shoot you by accident too when you are testing your own house. This also brings family defense closer to what I want it to be thematically (women are not helpless, and they are plenty willing to arm themselves when necessary).

A full list of changes can be found here:

The Castle Doctrine Change Log

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