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#2 Re: Main Forum » Sneak peek » 2013-07-15 11:04:27

seeing as you're still updating etc, has this been postponed?

#3 Re: Main Forum » Does it count as a bug... » 2013-07-14 10:53:16

jasonrohrer wrote:

Oh, wow!  Yeah, that's a bug.  Can't believe nobody noticed it until now.  Will fix it in the next release.

However, note that the server is NOT billing you for the removed item that got replaced by the vault.  For example, the green balance number might say "-$10" still if you replace a new wooden wall with the vault, but after you return to your house later, you'll find that you still have that $10 and it was not spent after all!

could you make it so that the player sees how many things he can still place without cost?

#4 Re: Main Forum » An idea regarding tool use » 2013-07-09 20:23:04

jere wrote:

The 2 turn thing might work... maybe? But how would it work in practice? Does that mean you can never club dogs because they will kill you in the two moves you take, but you need to be within 1 space? Unless the range of crowbars is extended, then that would completely invalidate them, no?

Also, I'm worried that it might be less intuitive, especially if the tools require variable time. It's certainly common for roguelikes to have actions that take variable time, but those games usually have detailed in-game descriptions too.

I do agree that the latest animal change makes it easier to run away from pitbulls through walls. That approach, however, is often a last resort. Most likely, you'll arrive at a dead end.

it's more like you club the dog on the first turn, then take a turn to look at the horror you did and then continue.

but do you know what this'll do?, people will just make timers, if you walk correctly 100% you'd need 25 steps, otherwise 10 doors will close before your eyes, so what now if you had to club 3 pitbulls because you screwed up? you'd no way make it in time to even put doorblockers at your target

#5 Re: Main Forum » Show me yours I'll show you mine. » 2013-07-09 18:35:37

this is pretty much a troll house, you can walk straight to the safe, but if you take a detour through the walls, you'll end up not being able to enter and thus forced to leave the house OR simply use water bottles, which every sane person carries around atm. can also be fixed by simply having a ladder with you if you mess up your turns, but it's really incomplete and won't work unless some updates support it (which i doubt)

#6 Re: Main Forum » New tool dumping behavior » 2013-07-03 23:45:31

well, if someone beats a house without using any tools, or making any edits in the room, and a 2nd person comes, he completes the house with great effort, only to get 0$. but that won't be happening so you can just ignore what i said in my previous post.

#7 Re: Main Forum » Little Suggestions » 2013-07-03 08:31:42

yeah, it's like you come home with your paycheck, notice you get robbed and then throw your paycheck out of the window

#8 Re: Main Forum » New tool dumping behavior » 2013-07-03 08:15:42

yeah that would be good, but instead of your house showing $4000, can't it show 0/4000 (0 in vault, 4000 at wife) but nvm, this would show houses with wives alive, and thus being targeted, so instead of that: why not show a little icon next to the money that shows that the vault itself is empty?

#9 Re: Main Forum » New tool dumping behavior » 2013-07-02 14:51:44

this is probably a bad suggestion, but i still want to suggest it: usually after you're robbed you got 0$ right, and most of your time you need to repair your home. you can't wait for your salary because it'll get robbed away before you even get back, so you are forced to rob another house before you can quit the game for the day.

so my idea is: why not get the money the robber's used tools cost? let's say the robber uses 3 saws to reach the vault, why not give the person who was robbed 300$ the moment he enters the room (so it won't get robbed right away before the owner even gets back to his home), this counts only for the robber(s) who succeeded in stealing, not for the ones who died before.

example: let's say robber A uses 5 saws (500$) and dies, robber B uses 1 crowbar (100$), kills the wife and goes away, and robber C uses 2 saws(200$) (and reaches the vault), you get 300$ the moment you enter your own room, like: "you found 300$ lying on the ground".

this'll give a person emergency provisions to fix up his own house, but it wont be enough to get the whole room back (so it'll just fill up some holes, not everything, because water costs 2$ and it fries your electric floor, those 2$ can never repair the electric floor)

#10 Re: News » Eliminating grinding (v10 released) » 2013-07-01 08:37:46

it seems like that instead of the combination lock, people brought back the "dance" you have to do in order to pass trapped doors, seeing as how you're only allowed to enter a room once, these dances are impossible to figure out. just wanted to say this for maybe a fix in V11

#11 Re: Fixed bugs » Ignoring Please Upgrade message » 2013-06-29 19:41:56

just asking, can't i just update the game itself? because i can't seem to find the option to download it again anywhere

at this moment i'm not able to play the game because i can't enter my room, and i can't enter the room of anybody else ( doesn't show any because i haven't left my own room yet)

#12 Re: News » Eliminating grinding (v10 released) » 2013-06-29 19:32:20

i don't know if this is the right place but..

this idea i have can solve 2 problems:
-people pump a lot of money into a house
-people worry-free rob a house all the time with a lot of tools.

so here i was thinking, why not change the death of this game?
so my solution being is, that people don't lose their house when they go and rob another house and die, but that they do lose their house, when they get robbed.
if you add a weekly limit on a person being able to rob a single house, a person WILL make a house, and a person will feel free to rob other houses.

but... wouldn't they just carefree try to rob a house over and over again till they succeed? here is where the weekly limit comes in, let's say someone has 10 tries every week to rob the house of person X, he HAS to figure out to rob that house within 10 lives, or not succeed. (not needed, i just noticed this system will force a person to build a house that'll endure longer than the time it takes for them to go rob houses) (meaning that they can't leave their house empty as they go raid, because they'd die even before they finish robbing)

(MAYBE NOT SOLVED) will the big houses still make money?: i think that they'll indeed make less money, but the reason they got that amount of money, was by people carefree running into their house, because they'd respawn anyway. people will still try to rob their houses, but probably without tools -> i got no solution for this at this moment in time
(the idea i'm going to tell right now to fix this isn't thought out at all, and you should doubt it:) maybe allow locks on the vault itself, show in the room before a person enters it the lock on the vault, and make people buy the "keys" of it before entering, as people don't die anymore they can be more carefree, but what if they are forced to buy a key that will be given to the house owner if they fail, but i think that there should be more expensive locks on houses with higher rewards (of course they have to buy it), so that people will also rob houses that are semi-hard but have less reward

i haven't been on the forums for a LONG time, and haven't been playing, thus i don't know if this has been suggested already, and only suggested this out of what i read here.

ps , feel free to point out any weak points, i can try to fix those.

edit: this seems like it'll be a good way to fix the problem of these houses with their combination locks together with the "expensive tools" that you can buy in your "permanent backpack", as you can spent time robbing easier houses (a little elimination game to the top) and as you go to the top, you get more money, in which you can eliminate fellow high-money possessors, this'll create people who are actually #1 in the game, but there'll be people coming from below also aiming for that spot, and thus trying to rob the person who is at that moment #1, (someone can play this game for 2 weeks saving up money by beating up easier houses with the least amount of money spent possible, and then get a lot tools to rob the #1 person, but now they're #1 in money and have to make their room the one that is unbeatable)

btw, you actually still have the "robbers" and the "ones defending", as the robbers go to the top by robbing house by house after another, they're "fast" in robbing, and thus the time others have to rob their house will go down.
you also have to "ones defending" that'll rob a lot slower, and thus people robbing them get more time doing so, but their houses will be a lot harder to beat.

#13 Re: Main Forum » Dealing with too-hard houses » 2013-04-15 16:08:10

or simply let the wive be unkillable, and let the children carry the money. like that you will get new children every X amount of time, which will carry money again smile

#14 Re: Main Forum » Dealing with too-hard houses » 2013-04-10 09:12:37

^ there are some good ideas, but not the last one. make animals respect line of sight will mean that the number of traps available will go down by 80% (just estimation) and thus make this game less enjoyable

#15 Re: Main Forum » Spam Account List » 2013-04-09 23:47:51

for minecraft voting i once saw a different captcha, it showed 9 pictures (once you clicked ready to start the captcha) and first asked you to click on let's say a house, then an airplane, than a child playing. and only if you had all 3 good you could vote. maybe get something similar?

#16 Re: Main Forum » Prize money for not using tools » 2013-04-09 10:34:59

^ with room i meant house, i call it a room because it's one big room as a house, and not divided into multiple rooms (like a kitchen) etc

#17 Re: Main Forum » Prize money for not using tools » 2013-04-09 09:51:57

i don't think 75$ is prize money, not to forget that in my idea, it changes depending on the room

#18 Main Forum » Prize money for not using tools » 2013-04-09 08:26:31

Replies: 7

right now you see people conquer your room with the use of tools really easily sometimes, and i'm not saying this because i think tools should go away.
my point being is that people can get these tools really cheap, and are thus encouraged to use them on every room they encounter.

but what if a room gets a bounty (not the person) depending on the amount of people who died in it (maybe something with ip's so that if one person dies 20 times in one room, it counts as 1 dead) and people can collect that bounty by conquering that room without the use of tools. (bounty goes to 0 the moment the owner loses his money)

what i hope to achieve with this:
- people will use tools to get into hard rooms that are almost impossible to beat
- people who see a room they think they can beat without tools, and will try it until they're cornered (and than use the tools)

this will result in:
people can now actually see more people trying to beat their room without tools, so they can see which trap forced people to use them, and thus use that single trap in their next design

(this one i hope) people will make rooms more challenging instead of simply impossible, enjoying watching the tapes instead of being annoyed by someone beating your hard-made trap by a few tools (which isn't wrong, but can still be annoying)

#19 Re: Main Forum » Separate forum for bugs, suggestions, house design and general » 2013-04-09 08:02:22

maybe also a general chat, and no i don't mean for games / random talk etc, but where people can try to make a good trap together, though it'd not be that good as the people visiting this forum will know how the trap works ;d

#20 Re: Main Forum » Abandoned wiki » 2013-04-09 08:00:24

well this game is partly about trying to figure out tricks on your own / make your own traps / experimenting a wiki might ruin it, but seeing as you die while testing your own home atm, i think updating the wiki would be nice.

#21 Re: Main Forum » ideas for new objects (feel free to add your own ideas) » 2013-04-09 07:53:35

^ i think that should be first on the list of new items the owner should make, it will increase the number of traps people can make a lot.

also another idea which will probably be way too much effort for the little amount it adds:
traps involving sounds, a button that will go on/off (permanently or not) when they hear movement within a certain radius, not only by the person, but also by dogs/cats.

#22 Re: Main Forum » "you died due to inactivity" » 2013-04-07 07:30:39

what if you're in the middle of building a room? if you are afk in building phase it has the exact same results for other people as being afk in the testing phase.

#23 Re: Main Forum » having to start over because of a single construction error.. » 2013-04-07 07:27:23

^ but they can't upgrade their house nor repair any damage someone has done

#24 Main Forum » "you died due to inactivity" » 2013-04-07 06:58:59

Replies: 4

so i was testing my room, but i had to go because of some reasons. i came back only to notice that i died because of inactivity, and now my room and all is gone.
is it possible to get the room back (a lot of money+effort was put into it)

note: i logged out after i clicked on respawn, so it's the room previous to that.

#25 Main Forum » ideas for new objects (feel free to add your own ideas) » 2013-04-07 06:54:33

Replies: 22

these are just rough ideas, not refined at all:
-a scanner which will show you where the safe is (but nothing else)

-a map protection square, (you can make a part of your room invisible on maps, but not your whole room)

-battery charged electric floor, (the battery will charge once the electric floor has been given electricity once, the moment the electricity goes offline, the floor gets electricity from the battery, resulting in it being powered for another X amount of turns)

-a pole within which you can skip an empty square (so not one with an electric floor / button etc), this can be used to avoid pitbulls / being a step ahead on traps made by pitbulls/dogs/cats

adding (expensive) gear to the game:
-running shoes (every 3 squares you walk, dogs/pitbulls/family walks 2)
-slime trail boots (pitbulls etc who walk over it, have to stand still for 1 step, after it  the slime on that square goes away) you can activate it X amount of times in a room.
-rubber boots (can safe your ass once on something electric, they will disappear after that)
-mining helmet (your field of vision is a bit higher)
-refined iron necklace (anything using something with iron, like a saw, can be used twice), this item works only on the first item you use with iron in it.

note: these are random ideas, i would be satisfied if only one of them gets realised. (or none, simply my ideas are bad)

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