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#26 2014-04-12 17:46:44

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Re: First $600 bounty in ages

Blip wrote:

Back to the original topic: I actually had something very weird happen two weeks ago, once Harris got rich; I got a $200 bounty! That means that somebody who had been alive since before bounties had been made $100 had come and died in my house. I was pretty surprised to see that.

Sweet!  I love it- vintage deaths.  They are the best.  You feel old.  "Well hey there old timer, I haven't seen one of your kind around these parts in ages.. You must have been around before the Great War.."

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#27 2014-04-13 00:45:00

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Re: First $600 bounty in ages

crazyace wrote:

maybe because cyc took 35k and 18 paintings the other night.. grats Cylence on that nice guess at the end.

That was my second visit, and surprised I got lucky in the end. I didn't want to check the last or the second to last for sure, your earlier choices alluded to those not being correct. So I jumped in, and bam there was the vault.

On my first visit you put the correct path on what I thought would be the correct path because it was the hardest to guess, then you did that on the second one too, but i had to check the northern path because it would give me a sense of spacing. The next visit, I had to rule out another jump path to another set of choices which is why I checked the end and middle first. Although, I calculated the number of extra trips to make after that one, and it would only take 2 more trips. 1st trip to rule out the top by drugging dog and just checking. 2nd trip to check the bottom half.

It was a neat design and if you want to hear my thoughts on improvements, let me know.

Ok, back on topic:

pagedMov wrote:

So, yeah. Whenever I'm sitting on my lazy ass waiting for bounties instead of robbing people, I only EVER get $100 bounties. Today was the first >$100 bounty I've had in literally 3 lives (each one lasting a few days). He came in with >$2k worth of tools, some explosives for some reason, and some other tools that would work better. He died in 4 steps. Lol. But the idea still stands; is everyone else having nothing but $100 bounties?

I usually get $100, but occasionally I see $1100 or $600. These are usually chain robbers. The bigger numbers are always cautious high budget thieves and you can usually tell because they visit with a lot of tools. If you've got a set of paintings and can kill of those ones, you'll notice higher numbers. Paintings attract a different crowd.

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#28 2014-04-13 20:50:21

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Re: First $600 bounty in ages

I've had bigger bounties in the house I made a few hours ago than the one that stood on top of the neighborhood for 2 days (which only got $100 bounties)

The house?

2 $600 bounties before somebody finally robbed me (bringing meat and explosives)... I'll never understand this game *sigh*

That being said, winging the solution to that house was pretty fun wink

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#29 2014-04-14 16:57:03

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Re: First $600 bounty in ages

just got a 7.6k bounty, a guy entered my house 4 times to scout the entrance, than he came back with 6k+ of tools just to die before using the first one...

now i guess i'm topping the house list with my 48k big_smile

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