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#1 Re: Main Forum » I'm sad to see this game die. » 2014-05-14 17:22:17

WOW! nice job cullman! I'm super excited about this remake!

#2 Re: Main Forum » So I got an alt account... » 2014-05-04 12:19:34

Cullman, i really like the idea of multiple neighborhoods/realms/. I've been following all your posts about potentially recreating the game, and it excites me greatly. I hope you do it! I'll be your first buyer guaranteed

#3 Re: Main Forum » So I got an alt account... » 2014-05-03 00:03:11

i do literally exactly what you do. im against alt abuse, but i want to PLAY this game more than 1 account allows me to. plus you get to contribute some more $ to the creator which is always good.

#4 Main Forum » The Castle Doctrine and Marajuana » 2014-04-29 11:03:05

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Theres really not much life in this board these days, or in the game for that matter. Just curious if anyone else finds it 10 times easier to come up with interesting houses when under the influence wink My houses are like works of art when i toke while building. on the other hand i become a TERRIBLE robber. Any other 420 enthusiasts here tongue

#5 Re: Main Forum » Safest neighbourhood I've lived in... » 2014-04-29 11:00:44

give me your name and ill gladly check you out wink

#6 Main Forum » Server acting slow? » 2014-04-28 03:57:19

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Is it just me or does the server seem very slow latey? Long load times, big waits when flipping pages through the neighborhoods, big waits when entering/leaving a house. just seems sluggish

#7 Re: Main Forum » Has this game died? » 2014-04-25 23:25:06

hi blackout,

its a game of extreme, extreme, and even more extreme patience. most people make a house either with a successful robbery in a new life, or just with the 2k starting cash. after youve made something you think will hold out other peoples new life robbings attempts ($2k worth of tools and all), then you can take a step back. come back an hour later or so and see if you house killed anyone and immedietely make some upgrades in your weak spots. and wait longer. and repeat. until you have quite a nice house that can easily repel $2k tool new life robbers + more. at THIS point you can start to inch your way through peoples houses and map them out in you should only rob if your up to date on all the metagame mechanics. look around these forums, the wiki, or just rob a ton to uncover all the mechanisms of the game. when your mapping out houses remember to never go anywhere that could kill you or commit you to an area. always leave behind you a safe path to leave. the game may seem very unfair at first. but everyone (including myself) says that when they start. right when you think oooh ok i just need to be more patient, thats when you die and realize SHIT i needed to be even MORE patient. its basically the longest game of chess youll ever play. but with an absolute fantastically creative drive to it. id say most people are NOT patient enough to play this game, and thats why the playerbase is declining. but theres still a good number of dedicated castlers out there. the game is not dead yet!

PS: im very sad at the fate of SID. I loved that game, let me know if you want to play sometime. anyone for that matter wink

#8 Re: Main Forum » To the visitors of Ronald Michael Jensen [spolier alert p4] » 2014-04-25 01:16:19

i can honestly say i dont think ill never have enough money and creative brainpower at one time to make a house like that

#9 Re: Main Forum » Ideas to attract new players. » 2014-04-24 14:07:57

Jason should put the game on sale, and add a tutorial. Numbers will spike up a bit guaranteed. if not an full fledged interactive tutorial, at least some kind of video tutorial. that would be pretty damn easy to make

#10 Re: Main Forum » Tutorial: The Ordered Combination Lock » 2014-04-24 12:24:01

i wish i was better at electronics. can you just give an example of the 3 button ordered combo, but a different order? maybe if i see another example ill be able to make my own order.

#11 Re: Main Forum » James Michael Henley... cheater? » 2014-04-21 18:59:59

mala. just wanted to say i like your flair/avatar/profile pic/whatever u wanna call it. ive been to that house and died to that trap. what a clever clock house that was!

#12 Re: Main Forum » SELF TEST SADNESS. Take a look inside my home » 2014-04-18 21:39:52

The paradox circuit with the cat was meant to only trigger if they sawed the wall to go up. My paradox with the chihuahua is more of a proper paradox. The cat one was made to mislead. Although speaking of paradox circuits, I've yet to figure out how to make one that kills you if cut in either direction

#13 Main Forum » SELF TEST SADNESS. Take a look inside my home » 2014-04-18 13:41:00

Replies: 4

My front page house, in all its glory, fell today by my own hands. i still cant figure out how it happend to be honest. i made some very slight changes before i did the self test, but none that messed with any wiring or positioning of animals (not on purpose at least). im heartbroken. ive decided to share my house with everyone here. i figure theres nothing to lose. people who are much better at the game have shared their houses, whats the danger in sharing mine. hopefully i can learn a thing or 2 from feedback. now i understand theres tons of wasted space here. i was getting around to doing a lot of rebuilding and putting the wife in a place that didnt take up so much room. anyway. please let me know what i can improve here CD community. THX

ill give a tiny walkthrough.

the idea here is to immediately walk to the door down, walk 1 space forward to get the dog in LOF (leap of faith) position, and swing all the way around and into the series of doors, and then to the last fire floor passage. theres a little trick here though. theres a 2nd dog that commits you exactly 14 steps into the house if you just go straight. this dog is also in position for a LOF, but the cat that turns off the fire floor switch also has a toggle switch next to him which must be OFF in order to complete the LOF. if you do the puzzle as intended, with the first dog, the cat will switch the toggle off. if you do it with the 2nd dog, it will be switched on and the LOF will work, but the powered door will stay closed. sort of a magic cat defense dance. this is actually right where i died. somehow electricity leaked into the toggle switch line, but i have no idea how because i didnt change them! grrr.

so once youve passed the LOF powered door, you just have to run down the path, and up so you can see the chihuahua and commence the magic dance down to the bottom. the whole fire floor here is a paradox circuit. enter past the last trap door commit, walk through the magically opened powered door, and thats it.

a lot more could have been done to this house, but i already was on the front page and i had about 50 saws. i was excited to get started with some high end robberies. the WOES of this fucking game i swear smile

#14 Re: Main Forum » This game is unplayable because of cheater! » 2014-04-14 23:48:34

i give this thread 1 day before cullman and crazyace are at each others throats

#15 Re: Main Forum » I quit as well & 'Multiple Accounts At Their Most Malicious' » 2014-04-14 04:25:02

the guy got alt abused, and lost his cool. i dont see how theres an excuse for this. "oh it was just my alt, i was just checking your place out!"...and you say it like nothings wrong. this is why the dude is pissed. how does he know what the abusers intentions are? he clearly sees theres some abuse going on, he can only assume the worst. but he didnt just cry about it, he tried to do his homework and figure out where it all led  back to and there ended up being a third account! no big deal! so the dude is panicking that some triple account cheater is about to destroy all his hard work. gotta find them all and take them out faster than he can take out mine. its the only way. he didnt have time to properly map out the houses. you see how this guy works, hes methodical as fuck when he robs. he figures hes about to be cheated so time is at his throat now. he tried to work quickly through your house, and he dies. surprised? u shouldnt be. and ALL that shit coulda been prevented if people just played the game as intended

cullman wrote:

Bottom line alts and people that use them ruin this game.

True words.

#16 Re: Main Forum » I quit, for serious this time! » 2014-04-13 16:02:25

Hardkor. your only playing half the game. when you hit about 20k, your house is semi complete, you have lots of cash, probably lots of tools from all the corpses as well. NOW the 2nd half of the game starts. you get to become the robber. start scouting houses, saving them in castle draft, and slowly chip away. the guys on the top page didnt get there by just sitting and doing nothing. when they hit about 20k they robbed their way to the top. robbing is the most exhilarating part of the game. every step you take is ~weeks of work on the line. i think your just playing waaaaay to safe and wondering why people arent taking honest attempts at you 20k house. rob your way to 40-50k. the heavy hitters will come. and youll be a heavy hitter too. the game is much more fun at this point. dont give up now!

#17 Re: Main Forum » The Psych Ward - House Breakdown » 2014-04-12 22:06:02

just gotta say epic house. clever puzzles. gj

#18 Re: Main Forum » UK Castlers? » 2014-04-11 22:28:32

Pohaku, your name is the same as my wife's "Hawaiian" name. First time ive seen it elsewhere! In Hawaiian it means precious stone if I'm not mistaken. Is that name part of another language aside from the Hawaiian one?

#19 Re: Main Forum » New real money bounty of $150 on triple accounter Robert Dale Bishop » 2014-04-11 21:17:13

poor wrote:

Care to let people see this evidence?

does it matter? the dudes gonna give $50 real cash to rob someone, just do it

#20 Re: Main Forum » Server that does not tolerate cheating » 2014-04-08 12:21:36

instead of calculating how much money a house has to allow different sets of tools. figure a way to calculate how much theyve spent on their house, and if their spent value is below 10k then you make 2k tools not allowed

#21 Re: Main Forum » Server that does not tolerate cheating » 2014-04-07 23:38:14

i like all of your ideas so far cullman. is there anyway to do a little scan on every server list initialization and not show a house if its on the same network as you? the whole "not allowing more tools than the value of the home thing has been requested before, and i have no idea why it was ignored. its a good idea, and if your going to make the game a little friendlier to the masses, this is a good start. keep it up

#22 Re: Main Forum » Christopher Alvin Harris… WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO??? » 2014-04-07 23:27:52

just all you guys who talk about suiciding your alt account so nonchalantly. then the group of other senior members who swoop in and defend. pretty pathetic

#23 Re: Main Forum » Christopher Alvin Harris… WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO??? » 2014-04-07 22:30:34

I love how are longest time members, beta testers, and practically co-founders in a sense are now the biggest cheaters. They love being the best, and nothings gonna stop them from doing it

#24 Re: Main Forum » Server that does not tolerate cheating » 2014-04-07 22:23:55

He can release it as a new game with new graphics, a new name, new forum, new everything. The game isn't copyrighted. Your aggressive tendency is fueled by nothing but hate and envy crazyace. This man is trying to start a project, why are you being a little bitch about it? How does it harm you?

#25 Re: Main Forum » Server that does not tolerate cheating » 2014-04-07 22:14:51

Cullman, these people trying to ridicule you for planning to profit from Jason's game are nothing else but jealous. Dont listen to them for a second. Jason made the game not copyrighted for a reason. All these haters are just upset they didnt think of doing it first. Make a mobile port. Make it cheat free. Make the learning curve easier. Introduce personal high scores, leaderboards, graphic update, sound effects. Take the skeleton and upgrade its every part. You will make money, and this brilliant game will get the treatment it finally deserves. Do it. You can go ahead and sign me up for your new server, im stoked about it. I have dual accounts myself, but have never been an advocate of cheating with them. After all, why play a game if there's no challenge? Whats sad to me is the people trying to justify their bullshit cheating antics. I guess winning is more important than fun these days. I'm very excited with what you have in store for this already solid foundation of a game. I might even be into investing into the project if you really plan to make an IOS/Android port. That is, of course, if your looking for investors. Like you, I just love this game, and dont want to see it die. Do the community a favor and launch your project. Fuck the haters

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