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#3 Re: Main Forum » We Will Make The Castle Doctrine Great Again » 2017-10-20 02:39:26

If the changes aren't made to the game, given the small player pool, I recommend you [*edit: section removed by original poster].

This wasn't necessary back when there were 60-100 houses up at any given time, but right now there's only 6-10 and the top three are $50k+ fully decked out. So for anyone new follow the above in order to have a chance at experiencing competition in this game, learn the tricks of the trade, and build up your house. This game is worth it. Effectively this strategy causes the game to cost $24 and you have to do some roundabout shit to accomplish what should already be in the game anyway as evidenced by the player pool.

I had some friends join and starting to learn, hopefully more will come soon smile I understand where Jason is coming from, but at some point reality should have at least some effect on idealism. This game will never be where it was without compromising some of the emotional intensity for simple playability. This game is currently unplayable without two accounts or changes to the game. A steam sale would only post-pone the inevitable. Step up your game, Jason. A single season of play is all you can manage? how about cultivating a living game with culture that survives and thrives on its own instead of this Monsanto one season only games shit you've been doing. thought you'd be up to the challenge. It's a higher scope of development, I understand, but at least try.

#4 Main Forum » We Will Make The Castle Doctrine Great Again » 2017-10-19 10:03:03

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I just started playing again as well. I messaged a few other friends to rejoin and get things going, spread the word and get some newbs for the grinder. we will make The Castle Doctrine Great Again! (((MTCDGA(tm)))

message to Jason:

-Hi there, I have a small request if you wouldn't mind reading it:
    two small modifications, even temporarily, to the game as we hopefully get a few people to join back in->

    1. when you die the first time, instead you stay alive with a message saying you made your way home badly injured. If you die again within 2 hours you are permadead like usual. After 2 hours you get a message saying you have healed back up back to normal. Should mitigate alt accounts, allow more scouting without losing everything, make the game more playable in a small player pool.
    2. You gain money hourly. I mean, you've got a job, right? what with that wife n kids? I think this would also make the game more playable with limited opponents and more open to different styles of play and different peoples schedules.

If you're there Jason and wouldn't mind throwing these small changes in for a bit that would be awesome, I presume you're pretty busy and/or would be hesitant to modify your masterpiece (non-ironic), but maybe try it out for just a bit if you've got some spare time and inclination? I would just roll my own server and do it myself, but honestly I don't want to draw any potentially new or returning people away from your game, especially just for a slightly modified version that wouldn't be yours anymore, y'know?

I think it would help things a lot, hopefully we can get more people into/back into, this great game!

#5 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-08 00:58:47

crazyace wrote:

I spent my money on cullmans new doll

that creation is an abomination to all that is good and holy. you need to take it outside, light it on fire, and shoot it in the head repeatedly. then piss on it, pour some 40 for your homies, and bury it upside down.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Retired Houses » 2014-04-08 00:36:35

1st house I made. "deathchess", phase 6


"Juxtapose", couldn't find finished schematic


"Travesty", couldn't find finished schematic


#7 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-08 00:15:19

i put you at King again and you had $160k to my $70k. then I took a nap. now you're at $58k. what happened to ya?

#8 Re: Main Forum » Server that does not tolerate cheating » 2014-04-08 00:08:32

cullman wrote:

Would it matter if I got Jason's blessing in a private email exchange?  Cause I did.

um. again, not really what I was tryin to say...
Yeah, Jason's pretty much the coolest guy ever to have existed.
so it's definitely been interesting cullman, thanks for that. good luck to ya again. take it easy

#9 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-07 17:54:02

iceman wrote:

The king may change, but there is only one Winner.... and I have found the Winner of Castle Doctrine!

that guy is going great places.

Is that you back in first crazyace?

#10 Re: Main Forum » Server that does not tolerate cheating » 2014-04-07 17:36:52

you seem to take many liberties here with what people say and do:

cullman wrote:

If he did not want people to be able to make changes or even profit, there are many other licensing arrangements he could have come up with.  I think he is a very smart guy - if he didn't want people to modify and and charge money he could have stipulated that it could only be modified for non-commercial use.

because it is open source does not mean he wants people to make changes or profit. it also doesn't mean he has a problem with that. it just means it's open source. that could do with something entirely different than your application of it. but that doesn't matter anyway, because whether or not Jason wants people to do what you proposed isn't what I was talking about.

cullman wrote:

Who is anyone else to comment on what is ok or not ok when it comes to the combination of his work and my time?

I'll comment on anything I like. I never mentioned whether I thought something was ok or not ok, and the proposed use of your "time" is displayed, by you, on an open forum. people will probably comment on it. that's what forums are for. Welcome to the internet.

cullman wrote:

Especially when he has already made clear how he feels about the use of his work?

there you go taking liberties again. all he did was say:

cullman wrote:

"This work is not copyrighted.

Do whatever you want with it, absolutely no restrictions, and no permission

thats not the same thing as him saying he wants you to make changes or profit. it also doesn't say he doesn't want that. I'm not going to repeat what it does say, it says it right there. go ahead, read it. see how you took that one and ran with it buddy?

I wasn't trying to tell you what you can or can't do, and I wasn't trying to tell you what you should or shouldn't do. just making a suggestion that I thought would be pretty cool. instead of copying a game and modifying it for more profit... you already implied you make good money, why not use it to make something original and interesting. you're already halfway motivated it seems like. take it or not, it was just a suggestion.

#11 Re: Main Forum » How to get advantage w/e doing anything [ ULTIMATE TUTORIAL! ] » 2014-04-07 12:16:39

cullman wrote:

According to everyone else on this site, if it works within the confines of the game, it's not a cheat!  So why complain about this?

lol. cullman, I think there were other reasons why people called you "cuntman" besides the purported success of your projects. i gotta go do some other stuff, talk to you guys later

#12 Re: Main Forum » Server that does not tolerate cheating » 2014-04-07 11:50:09

I hope you find an all around good answer for multiple account abuse, and if you do I hope you are good enough to turn around and share it with Jason and everyone else. From what you say about your skill-set and experience maybe you're just the person to figure this problem out and I wish you luck.

cullman wrote:

He has sold over 15,000 castle robbery accounts since he has started there are less than 700 registered on this board.  I think people are quitting because it's too hard (which again was Jason's intention, but perhaps not great for the long term health of the game) now that I see these problems will not be fixed and that the source code is not encumbered by copyright, I am seeing a potential business opportunity.  The last time I saw an open source project that wasn't doing things the way I thought best, I forked it to scratch my particular itch.  I ended up making a great deal of money as a side effect.  It's funny the people in the original open source community ridiculed me, called me names "cuntman", etc.  However, my project is now the equal of the original open source project in terms of users,  far superior in terms of revenue, and many of those who ridiculed me now use my version exclusively.

I'm unconvinced that money or popularity (long term survival of the game, maximum number of people playing it) are primary motivators for Jason. He has had many opportunities to choose in favor of these things and has always chosen differently. He was aware of the choices (people never failed to point them out) and went with what he thought the game should be anyways. I think he's not only making very original games, but also trying to change the video game industry itself, or at the least sticking to his values. From your description of what you clearly view as successes I think you may not appreciate this, but do some research into Jason, what he's done, what he appears to be doing, things he says in interviews and forums... not only is it a very interesting look into the industry but I think it illustrates something far more valuable than money or popularity. Something original, a piece of art that says something. not just another streamlined and polished duplicate "business" designed to dumb-down to the broadest general market and maximize popularity and profits at the expense of everything else. Just to clarify, this is only my take on it. I've only talked to Jason once when he was helping me after a game crash.

try not to take anything the wrong way or assume im saying something else/more than what I'm actually saying. It seemed you have different motivators/parameters of success, so I'm just showing a different way of viewing the whole thing. One I personally think is far more valuable than money or popularity, though both of those are helpful. I'm not saying money isn't necessary to a degree, or that it doesn't help a lot either. But there are definitely other goals out there besides greed and popularity. Maybe after you solve the multi-account problem you'll spend your time contributing something original to the game industry that everyone can enjoy and experience new things in. something that means something to you, and might also be cool as fuck to the rest of us as well. As I said, good luck man, let everyone know how it goes.

#13 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-07 02:42:33

I saw a chihuahua pretend to be asleep once only to bite my leg and trip me into a pit.
yeah, you're right about that stuff. pinching pennies (saws) was the least on my mind at the time smile
I don't know why he left wooden walls in that whole area but it looked like it had been some time since he changed his house

#14 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-07 02:22:44

definitely agree w the second strategy, I should have done that in retrospect. With the chihuahua I was worried there was an army of dogs behind those powered doors just ready to jump out at me, didn't want to chance it even if that chihuahua was asleep. Also at the time I didn't know his safe was right there. so I came back better prepared. I'd much rather be "overly" cautious

#15 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-07 02:00:45

Took down Cory James Powers tonight.

he was in 4th place at the time with a $52,000, 112/60 house
here's the vid of me doing it

#16 Re: Main Forum » 1st day in Castle Doctrine » 2014-04-06 20:28:16

JoyOfTrapping wrote:

What will the uncouth ruffian quietly endorse next!!

lol. i try not to bump these threads because unfortunately there's not much that can be done atm without causing more harm than good. but that shit was really funny JoT

#17 Re: Main Forum » Facility to report dual accounts PLEASE! » 2014-04-06 11:24:12

crazyace wrote:

a sound if someone dies in your house so you can have it on in the backround, watching tv and you know someone died.

that would be cool. ur hanging out with someone and your computer makes a noise: "what was that?" "oh, someone just died in my house". heh

#18 Re: Main Forum » Facility to report dual accounts PLEASE! » 2014-04-05 14:00:25

cullman wrote:

You should be able to see what license key had these names at this time and just ban them for good
Ie, if a user is accused of cheating once out of ten times you could set your house to say, I will only only allow people in that 9 out of 10 times aren't accused of cheating.
set their house where they would let anyone in whether they are cheating or not
it's sort of like eBay feedback.
People that are getting flagged 10,20,30% of the time are the ones you ban from your house.

whoah, slow down there "1984"

maybe multiple accounts are another natural evolution of this game. I know crazyace uses them (currently #1 house) because I watched his money jump by ~2-5k evenly over the course of 20 or 30 grand or so in under an hour till he was in the lead. Blip also uses them as he said. Maybe the open arena, sandbox nature of this game is going in that direction presently. Who knows where it will go next or if a solution will be found to equalize the playing field that doesn't involve some harsh, programmatic meticulous rigid rules in place. IP to account comparisons, user account behavior tracking and banning them if they step out of line, and other heavy-handed measures. or what about more rigid account creation that binds a real identity to a game one? You must verify your identity to proceed? There is no good way to separate alt accounts from main accounts. you don't know who's really playing on which account. anything you do to stop one person from alting could just as easily stop others who aren't. the game tracking your account level movements, players providing feedback on those that robbed them? lol... and having arbitrary code telling you when you can and can't do standard actions or the home owner saying who can rob them and who can't? how many times would any of those approaches be not quite fine-tuned enough so as to stop a non-alting player from playing the game or from executing some clever, unforeseen maneuver.

In any case, I don't think the nature of the game lends itself to that, gray line as alting may be. The point is: the nature of this game is the open human responses to a certain type of situation and then what happens. It's kinda cool in its purity like that. and anything done to impede alting will potentially impede that as well. I didn't make the game, I'm not Jason and have no idea what he's thinking, I'm just Saiyan. To me a bright side of the alting situation, if you don't see it as another evolution of the game and what people are choosing to do atm, is it gives Jason $16 bucks when someone gets an alt. That's cool w me cause clearly he's making some original badass games, and I'd like to see more of them.

tl;dr: you can't stop alting without fucking the game up. this game is cool and alting increases the chances of getting more games like it.

and look... now the game has naturally evolved to having its very first real cash moneys bounty placed on somebody's head. how fun is that smile ? love this game... "i'll pay you real money to go and fuck that guys house up, thats how pissed off i am". lol...

#19 Re: Main Forum » Damn, died self-testing once again. » 2014-04-05 04:17:08

its difficult to tell, but after careful examination try approaching the pits from the bottom along the flow of the arrow? maybe better not to build such deadly psychological traps at all. I don't see a safe way to pass it

#20 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-04 12:28:25

eppfel wrote:

Harris now has the most paintings, but not the most money. So, who's the new king then?

The reason paintings arent a reflection of kingliness is because it takes less skill to gather them than it does to stay in the #1 position (that, and you're literally not #1). being #1 makes you much more of a target and thus requires more skill to maintain, someone collecting paintings could just drop their house down to $4k and hide like Blip did. His house is far less likely to be attacked doing that than if it were in the #1 spot, which is why he did it.

A King must hold the #1 spot, as that requires the most skill. besides, I couldn't give the Crown to #39 on the list... that's like, a "most improved player" award spot...

#21 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-03 18:08:28

Chester Norman Lopez is the new standing King. Any words you'd care to say, Chester?

#22 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-03 14:49:48

eppfel wrote:

Also, Harris now has the most paintings, but not the most money. So, who's the new king then?

Blip (Harris) is going pokemon style on the art paintings n last I checked he was at $4k value on the house list. Lopez is gaining a lead, I'll let the dust settle a bit more then put his name up once it's clear he's the new King.

#23 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-03 13:25:11

LiteS wrote:

Being on top is just not the same since the days of JWG and $50 bounties.

yeah, JWG used to attack anyone who got enough money to threaten him. that and his house was crazy good. He had almost a year head start on a lot of us. I'm sure someone else will emerge like him after all these battles. Who knows, could be you. guess we'll see...

#24 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-03 12:59:18

tigerbalm immunity wrote:

When i find you i will not expose your name. but gd i can't believe how long it's taking me to find 50 paintings w/ a familiar name

Blip wrote:
tigerbalm immunity wrote:

congrats, blip! courage is rewarded! what is your name? (i'm sure it's here somewhere...)

You think I'll tell you? I'm trying to hide for a bit and keep my art safe!

he could be hiding in his house so nobody sees it

#25 Re: Main Forum » The King of Castle Doctrine: » 2014-04-03 12:54:56

MMaster wrote:

Welcome our new king Blip! smile

Can't find him to give him the Crown lol... he ran in, snagged all the paintings and took off lmao.
I say we wait till a clear #1 emerges ahead of everyone, there's only a $5k difference between #1 and #2 atm

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